It's Time for a Reemergence into the Wilds of Your Sacred Womanhood


Have you ever KNOWN that you are here to impact the world... But you just wanted to shut the hell UP and be still? Have you known you were ready to lead... But at the same time just wanted- NEEDED- to be alone?

Alone with your thoughts?

Alone with your God?

Alone with your reemergence into the wilds of your sacred womanhood?

I've been there.

I AM there.

I was apologetic for it, but now I see that it is just part of the path.

Part of cleansing myself of all the other voices and old stories and "SHOULDS".

Part of my own homecoming.

I write. I create. I guide. I mentor. I Message. I heal.

And- sometimes- I want to keep it all to myself.

I want to just be withIN, and not share withOUT.

Not in a stingy way, but in a divine way.

At times, I find that I must simply stop.

Stop talking.

Stop teaching.

Stop engaging.

And I must begin a journey.

A journey into the depths of my soul and the beauty of my gifts.

A journey into the wastelands of my old stories... And the wonder of my own infinite possibilities.

As an Indigo Child, a light worker, an empath... If I do not honor this time, I become a shit-hot mess.

And not in the wild, seductress, messy creative way that is my natural (and kickass) state.

But, rather, in a tired, worn-out, low vibration, self-doubting, unnaturally extroverted, DIMINISHED version of who I am here to be.

And it's not a fun place.

Gratefully, I can recognize it now and catch it so much sooner.

But it still happens.

That descent into shit-hot mess-ness.

And when it happens, I am being asked to let go.

Let go of the force.

Let go of the trying.

Let go of the second-guessing.

I am called to step up, SHOW UP, as the sacred, luscious, divine being of light that I KNOW I am.

And so I go withIN.

I tap into what I desire.

I BECOME desire herself.

I dive into exactly what it is that I am being drawn to surrender... And to what I am called to gift.

I allow myself to just BE who I am.

Through vibration work, paradigm shifts, and soul remembrance.

By calling myself on my crap and OWNING my worth.

If you are feeling out of sorts- if you are feeling LESS THAN your most radiant and glorious self- perhaps it is time to stop.

Stop DOING and start BEING.

Stop TRYING and start KNOWING.


Because you are here to be great.

You are here to raise the vibration of our planet.


As I type this, a hawk is soaring overhead.

Complete focus.

Complete freedom.

No uncertainty of who it is or why it is here.

Just the hawk being the hawk.



And it is beautiful.

It is majestic in its primal simplicity.

What if you were that free?

What if you were that sure of yourself and why you are here?

What if you were that connected to your body, your purpose, your power, your Source?

How would your life be different?

Who would you love... And who would you permit to love you?

What would you allow... And what would you release?

What would you create?

WHO would you become?

You did not come here to be shackled and tamed.

To domesticate the connection to Source and the wildness you hold inside.

You came here to set others free.

And the only way to do that- the only way to BE that leader, that light, that guide- is to first free YOURSELF.

You serve no one, least of all yourself, when you are huddled in upon your divinity.

You can have and do and create and be all that you desire.

God desires your freedom. He does not wish for your enslavement to a society of mores and shame.

But in order for you to BE free, you must desire it.

You must COMMIT to your brilliance and the glorious nectar of who you are as a woman.

And you must decide, once and for all, that you are worth it.

It is said that your network determines your net worth and I believe this is true.

But, even more than your network, I have come to believe that it is your SELF-worth that determines even more.

Your income, yes, but also your joy.

Your creativity.

Your intimacy.

Your Orgasmic Potential.

Your happiness.

Your impact.

Your life.

You must value who you are, every single day.

The wrinkles. The gray hair. The cellulite. The big booty or tiny booty. The extroversion or the introversion. The 5 million degrees or the natural raw ability. The sexy lips or "boyish hips". The saggy boobs {insert visual of Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate's movie montage in the dressing room} or big old honkers.

Value it all.

Because, in the end, it's all irrelevant anyways.

What it comes down to- what truly MATTERS- is did you love?

Did you allow yourself to be loved?

Did you REMEMBER that who you are- who you ARE- is a living embodiment of God's Infinite Love?

And did you let yourself actually be YOU?

...Or did you spend your entire physical life trying to be what you thought others EXPECTED you to be?

Today, let us be the hawk, Dear One.

Today, let us- all of us- be free.

As always...

Loving you madly and deeply.

Here's to your Untaming™, Nikka Karli #lovewarrior

And if you would like my help in breaking free of all your inhibitions and becoming exquisitely free in who you are, in your body, in your sensuality, in your spiritual gifts, in your LIFE...

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You're still reading this for a reason. Let's open you up to the life you have always dreamed of having. Co-creation at its best, Lover. Let's begin.