This is why it’s not working... yet


Sometimes I wonder what to say to you.


I stare at a blank screen and just wonder WTF I'm supposed to tell you.


Just searching for the exact script God is asking me to share in order to help you become so freaking turned ON and tuned IN that you DO what you came here to DO.




What the hell are we DOING with our lives and our creativity and our voices?!!!!


Yesterday it hit me.


If we can't raise $1M in like 2 weeks for an urgent cause like stopping pipelines or rally 100,000 people to march on Washington or help feed 500,000  children who have to walk 6 miles through war-infested zones just to get water... than what the HELL are we DOING with our businesses? With our relationships? With our lives?????




And then I just sit some more.

...And then I just shake my head because I'm doing "it" again.

...And then I say screw it and go do something else.


Because whenever I TRY to create something that will help someone or is the "right" thing to say, I can't do it.


I just can't.


And I know you can't either.


Because that's not a soul's way of creating...


I know we're told we must combine our creativity with our business acumen in order to be successful.

And in some ways yes.


But in other ways... NOOOOOOOPE {in my best Lana to Archer voice}.


Because our art is a piece of our soul.


And a soul cannot be contained or defined by a set of marketing strategies or business "best practices".


A soul is asking- BEGGING- to be free... not constrained by some biz-in-a-box mentality in order to have more fame, money, recognition, blah blah blah.


So yes, study how to put some bones around your movement, your mission, your life...

...Bones that allow you to grow and create with more DEPTH and POTENCY.

...Bones that help you focus and distill your essence.


But even before that?


We must learn to BE with our Truth.


To EMBODY the longing in our souls.


To SING over the bones and bring our power and art to life THROUGH the way we live.


I teach my Sex Magic Woman™️ {and private} clients how to do this...


To sing over the bones.


Because if we don't understand how to awaken the sleeping power within us- the sacred divinity that we house in these body temples of ours- none of the other shit is going to work anyways.


Oh sure, you might get some moola or some accolades, but how does your SOUL FEEL?


...How is your intimacy?

...Your health?

...Your God connection?


Who are you BEING if you are just running existing based upon the societally-prescribed dosage of what it means to be Woman or Man or Artist?



Let's go deeper, let's excavate this some more.


Because this is big, like ORCA big...


So come join me live today here at a slightly later time... 1pm PT/4pm ET/8pm GMT.

{Replay will be up immediately afterwards.}


And let's look at who we are called to BE versus what we think we're supposed to DO to get there {wherever "there" is}.


See you soon.


Loving you,

N 🐾🌙


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Nikka Karli