There Can Be Only One


A while back, I was working in a casino.

Every time I walked into the building, I had an immediate trauma response in my body {triggered by the smell of cigarettes}.

It would leave me nauseous and fighting to smile at the slew of employees I passed on my way to the office I shared in the basement {that’s where wellness contractors go, you know}.

The only way I could make it through the beginning of my shift would be to discharge the acute stress cycle I was experiencing, so that I could work with the peeps I was there to help.

I go into detail on how I was able to calm my nervous system and perform at high levels {plus a few other body-based tools for re-encoding consciousness} in the 3rd and 4th chapters of Body of Work: The April Issue.

Not only will you receive the “how”, you’ll also receive sensual movement practices, hardcore bodyweight workouts, and a brand new installment of my signature Wild Nectar Pvssy Practice™ to boot.

You’ll only get access to this issue if you are an active member by 11:59pm PT tonight.

That’s just under 3 hours from now.

So if you know your body is asking you to take radical responsibility for your own sexual sovereignty and creative freedom, by fully integrating your actions with the wisdom of your body, go here right now:

There really is only one way to create a living legacy with your creative body of work and be completely at home in your own skin.

And I go into delicious detail on how you can begin immediately embodying this strategy in your life and art in The April Issue.

Awww sookie now…

Here’s to your Untaming,