The Wild is Experiential

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People ask me what books should they should read to understand the Wild.

They ask me what shows to watch and which documentaries to study.

They ask me how to “get to” the Wild...

And I’ve never had an answer.

{Because that is not the way.}


The Wild...


She Who Must Not Be Tamed


And it came to me today.

The Wild cannot be learned on a page.

The Wild must be recalled through our bodies.


You cannot THINK your way into the Wild.

You cannot STUDY yourself into Her good graces.

{Hint: She has none. She is the Wild.}


You must, rather, break free of the shackles you have placed around Her.

And drop into the most exquisite REMEMBRANCE of who She is in YOU.

{And who you are meant to become THROUGH Her.}


The Wild is not on a TV screen.

She cannot be found in your Netflix queue.

She can only be drunk down in the still of the night.

Between sheets tangled around limbs.


Rippling through your throat as you howl at the pregnant moon.


The Wild cannot be found.

She can only be Remembered.

Because the Wild is experiential.


I've been musing on Gary Vee.

And how I can document vs create.

How I can share the Wild with you.

How I can stalk my own Medicine Path and bring you along for the ride.

So you can stalk your own.

And find your way back to Her...


I know a big piece of it will be through my body and movement and breath.

Through documenting my creative process of how I transmute sexual and sensual energy through my body into my art.


And how I teach this to my clients and students.


It’s so hard to shrink the Wild into words.

{And I LOVE words... I’m a Storyteller, after all.}


So, at the very least, how have I been teaching this so far?


Online via my blow-your-soul-wide-open program Sex Magic Woman and in person via 1:1 VIP Experiences + yoga classes/workshops {currently in Vegas}.


And what’s next?


Well... I’m being asked to go even deeper into the Medicine and step into something more potent.


So these... {Re}Wilding / Soul Vision Quest “Experiences” are coming.


In the jungle.

Into the depths of the hot, sticky soul paths less traveled.

{Hint: we’ll be staying in treehouses, dreaming the world into being through sacred sweat lodge ceremonies, and rolling around naked under the moon...

So be prepared for THAT kind of raw freedom in every area of your life, love, brand, and art.}


I don’t know when but if you want it sooner rather than later, contact me and I’ll start an interest list.


In the meantime, keep going deeper.

Into the unknown.

The spaces in between.

The depths that freak you out but howl your name in the night.


Go there.

Live there.

Create there.


So that you can see what is asking to be birthed... and what is being called to die.


Because that’s where you’ll stumble across Her.

{And find your way home.}




Loving you.


As always...

Here’s to your Untaming,


Nikka Karli