The Weekly Roundup- Inner Sex Goddess

This is 40... when Sex Magic rituals are a way of life. 😍🐾🔮

This is 40... when Sex Magic rituals are a way of life. 😍🐾🔮


I’ve been getting a few questions around how to begin reconnecting to our wombs and becoming absolutely unapologetic in the embodiment of our inner Sex Goddess.

So that’s what this past week of Musings has been about. The beginning.

Or rather, a beginning.

There are many ways to drop fully into your pleasure and the posts from this week are just a taste to whet your lips {both sets, hint hint}.

But, I’ll be opening up a super deep way in which you and I can connect, 1:1, for the next moon cycle.

To help you not only understand the intuitive knowing and messages of your womb, but to also reawaken your sexual energy and FOCUS it to help you move the needle in any desired area of your life.

My specialities, if you haven’t guessed, are…

  • Sexual Energy Transmutation

  • Creative Mastery

  • Archetypal Storytelling for Activism {the Wild Woman Archetype in particular, but there are four others that I rock in as well, which you can learn about in Lesson 5 of Scale Your Impact™}

  • Primal Self Re-Integration™

  • Intoxication Intelligence {how to own any room you walk into}

  • Receiving like a Goddess {in bed, business, and life}

So, if any of these float your pleasure boat, be on the lookout over the next few days for your invitation.

In the meantime, here’s the Weekly Roundup:

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Blog: Is Sex a Gateway Drug?

Blog: Lifestyles of the Sexy & the Sacred

Blog: Orgasm… it’s What’s for Breakfast

Workshop: How to Finish What You Start… Even When You Have a Million Ideas {and a Million Things to Do}

Dive in, enjoy, and contact me here with any yummy questions or magical celebrations.

Loving you,


Nikka Karli