The Vulgarity Of Being Vague


After all, if no one knows exactly what the mission is, it’s hard to feel like a failure if it doesn’t succeed.
— Seth Godin

The idea that we must draw a line in the sand appeals to us on some levels, within specific aspects of our lives.

…But not with everything.

The spaces in which we find ourselves being repelled from that line are the spaces through which our body is asking us to step into the Deep Work.

Now, we can distract ourselves with all sorts of things that sound like right… if only to keep moving ourselves further and further away from that fiendish line.

Because we know that once we cross, there is no going back.

We will have declared, before God and soul, that we are who we say we are and that, no matter what, we will take a stand for what we believe in.

But this requires us to choose, doesn’t it?

To choose what matters most and to then define {and refine} those choices through our actions.

Because the opposite is to spend a lifetime pretending that you are incapable of making decisions.

Or to continuously define yourself by that one time {at art camp} when you “failed” so horrifically that you swore you would never again subject yourself to caring that deeply about anything or anyone {including, perhaps, your own soul}.

Look, I won’t sugar coat it.

Being willing to draw that line in the sand… and to then cross it {knowing full well that you will never return to the old version of yourself on the other side} takes guts.

And a powerful set of brass ovaries.

There’s also this:

When you choose, you have to keep choosing.

Because Resistance will be there, toeing the line and daring you to smudge it. You know… just this once.

Now, if you’re about that Smudge Life, hey. You do you.

But if you’re no longer willing to live anything other than your best life and, consequently, your most erotic + creatively fulfilled life…

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Creator… or Legend.

Well, would you lookey there. A choice to be made.

So… What’ll it be today, Wild One?

As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,