The Unforgettable “Spin-Off” Mistake Even The Best creators Make


There’s a cardinal mistake that even the most successful and beloved Creators repeatedly make.

A mistake that, until remedied, will likely bring about the downfall of an otherwise legendary franchise {be it books, tv shows, films, artistic installments, etc}.

Oh, and this mistake can undermine all credibility and impact that us “lesser known” Creators have worked our little patooties off to build behind the scenes.

This mistake of which I speak? It’s something that I heard Gary Vee mention… and something that I’ve taken to heart and begun to interweave into every single part of the way I create and do business.

{It’s also one of the things that helped me relentlessly dismantle my old services and make a come back like a Goddess this summer.}

Anyways, what Gary Vee said {and the thing that screenwriters, producers, healers, activists, artists, etc world round need to take heed of} is this:

“Don’t get fancy, until it’s time to get fancy.”


You need to take a deep, hard look at why you’re scaling, implementing a new spin-off series, opening that 2nd {or 5th} location, hiring the custom app designer, etc…

And really understand the why and the now of your choices.

A helpful inquiry:

Are you taking action based solely on the meta vision that your soul is asking of you?

Put another way:

Are you using your vision to avoid your present reality and/or the deep identity and soul work that is necessary to level up as a leader, lover, and Creator?

The Why & The Now

The “now” asks us to get super fucking clear around whether or not the action we’re so excited about taking actually aligns with 1) where we are in the present and 2) where we need to go with our next few steps.

So, yes, creating a $50k app might fit your vision for two years from now…

But does it fit the next three months? The next nine months?

If not, head back to the drawing board and insert the “subtext”, which will help you define {and efficiently execute on} your why.

AKA: if you know the meta and where the vision is heading, but you don’t have the capacity, energy, beliefs, community, funds, resources, time, etc to fully implement and see a meaningful ROI on it right now… ask your innate wisdom for an “in-betweener”.

Something that will help prepare you on an ecological level {mind, body, soul, resources, etc} for the big picture action.

Where popular Creators go wrong, is when they see the success they’ve had {or even the success they wish they’d been having} and instead of getting raw and gritty and doing the deep work, they try to jump ahead to the thing that’s still lightyears away.

...Which then sends their body into systemic freakout mode, because they haven’t taken the time to create a body that can handle the work they are placing on her/him/them.

To see what I mean, and to get real-time tangible + strategic + sustainable ways to re-encode your consciousness around this, go here:

Legendary Creators understand the need for why and now.

Afterall, it’s how they became legends in the first place.



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