The underrated Japanese architectural secret that's igniting my creativity

You don’t necessarily get silence from an environment that is silent. You feel silence when you expect noise.
— Hiroshi Nakamura

I love studying Creators who have become masters of their craft…

People who, without even knowing it, are taking their unique gifts and elevating the consciousness of the world.

And also helping me {and you, if you so choose} to become infinitely more creative and honest in the expression of our soul’s work.

A while back, I was watching a show on different architectural geniuses and the incredible buildings they’ve designed around the world.

And there was this one line that really stuck with me. It was spoken in Japanese, with closed caption on the screen.

Which I actually really like, because it helps my creative brain {aka my Squirrel Tendencies} to stay focused on not only the imagery on screen, but also the depth in the words being spoken.

Hiroshi spoke of silence in a way that resonated with me and dropped me back into my yoga teachings.

We think that in order to “find” the silence, we have to be in the perfect environment, one that is silent and without any distraction.

But how often is that actually your life?

How often do you make it through your day with absolutely no external sound or noise?

It’s just not the world we live in anymore {not sure anyone ever really did}.

But Hiroshi took it a step further to say:

“...You feel silence when you expect noise.”

As in, when we’re listening for something that we expect to be there, we are able to truly find the silence in the absence of that noise.

It’s like the space between breaths in a quiet room, when everything stops and it’s just the ethereal nothingness.

Or the minute after you’ve finished a run and the blood that’s been rushing in your ears finally subsides and there’s… this moment. Of pure consciousness and peace.

We find ourselves in the stillness.

We come home in the spaces between.

And why you should care?

Well, when our bodies are in a constant state of fight or flight, and our nervous system never actually calms down between one piece of internal chaos and the next, we never experience the stillness.

...We never touch the silence.

And, which every Creator I’ve ever met cares about a whole lot?

...Our creative expression, our sex life, our impact in the world… None of them ever become fully actualized, raw, or True.

Which is where Body of Work: The April Issue comes in.

After 2 + decades of utilizing body-mind integration, for myself and clients, I felt called to share these embodied teachings in a way that is super accessible to any Creator in the world.

That is, if you are willing to implement them in your own body and create a new habitat for the way you show up in your life and work.

Be forewarned:

This is not for the timid or anyone who wants to dip their toes in and then squirrel out on the next shiny tactic for their health, sex life, intimacy, or creative work.

This is, however, for you… If you are ready to stop running from one “fire” to the next and finally experience the unprecedented calm in your body and nervous system that is going to allow you to create your greatest Body of Work ever.

...While still having an abundance of time and energy left over for the people and projects that set your soul on fire.

Again, this issue goes to bed on Sunday, March 31 at 11:59pm PT.

So I highly recommend you subscribe now, before it closes shop.

Loving you,


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