The Risk Of Excellence


You know you’re here for excellence... in all you do… in all you are…

But you’re not allowing it into your life.

Not really. Not wholly and in a way that completely turns on your soul.


Because you’re afraid of what it would mean if you did.

You’re seeking, constantly seeking, trying to find the answer to the question that has haunted you for decades.

And that question is this:

Who am I without…

It could be who am I without my suffering, who am I without my family drama, who am I without this relationship, who am I without the chaos and turmoil in my creativity… and on and on.

{My question? Who am I without daily physical pain...}

But in order for us to shake off the shackles we have placed around our bodies and expression, we must be willing to walk the edges of our comfort zone.

We must be willing… no, excited… to take some next-level risks with our art, our intimacy, and our mission.

And we must be willing to do it now.

Not tomorrow. Not when things calm down. Not when we have that perfect medicine work session in the jungle.

Now. Right now.

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