The Power of Love


---The Power of Love--- Steven Pressfield said that the opposite of fear is love.

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr said that the only thing that can drive out hatred is love.

It would seem that- once we remove the oppressing limitations of our own experiences and societally-imposed mediocrity- the one thing that stands on the hill of victory over all which stops us in the pursuit of our God-given missions is love.

Love will defeat bigotry.

Love will defeat self doubt.

Love will defeat overthinking.

For it is when we allow ourselves to truly step IN to love- that is, to BECOME love- that all of our obstacles begin to fade into white noise.

It is not that we shall never again experience these self-limiting and debilitating aspects of our shadow selves.  Rather, it is that we are so deep in our love, in God's love for us, in our love for the people we are meant to serve, that all else pales in comparison.

The shadow has no choice but to fade into the light.

And love is the keeper of that light.

So when you feel the crippling tendrils of fear, when you feel the icy grasp of doubt, you must simply remember that you have chosen to become love.

That you have chosen to- irrevocably- live in the abundance of bliss that Infinite Spirit intended for you.

That you have committed to stand up for your soul.  And that you will, forever more, guide others to stand up for their own.

Always remember that where there is hatred and prejudice and fear and doubt, there is also love.

And the power of love is greater than all of these things put together.

Love is all.


As always...

Here's to your Untaming™,

Nikka Karli

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