The New Divide {HINT: It’s Not Money}

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I want you to imagine your life if you couldn't go to school.

I mean the kind of life where no one even EXPECTED you to go to school.

⚔︎ Would you complain less?

⚔︎ Would you love more?

⚔︎ Would you commit to BEING the change?

There is a divide in our society.

It is no longer the Haves and the Have Nots {although that's what many would have you believe}...

No, in this day and age we are faced with a new segregation.

One born of fear-mongering and "fake news".

Today's divide is in our hearts... in our beliefs about Us vs Them.

The divide is the opposite of what our ancestors strived for, BROKE THEIR BACKS FOR...

This divide?

It's called Apathy...

☠︎ And it's killing us not-so-softly. ☠︎

It is a blanket disassociation to what's happening around us.

It is privilege cloaked in words like Ascension and Consciousness and Dimensional Reality.

We have become a people of desecrated ideals and mores who pretend that as long as we're doing personal growth "work" that we are automatically doing THE work.

We have become a desensitized assembly line of people who think they are "involved" and "#woke"... but really it's only a way of keeping everything and everyone at arms length.

➵ Oh, oceans? Yeah I soooo care. I even donated like $25 that one time.

➵ Oh, sex trafficking? I mean, it's kind of scary to get really involved but I totally watched that one documentary on Netflix so I'm suuuuper conscious about their plight now.

➵ Oh, Black children being shot in the streets for no reason? Well, um, they should really learn to respect anyone in uniform and do a better job of being less "threatening".

And if you're getting all triggered and you're the kind of person who DEFLECTS the pain of an entire people by automatically throwing out your own "plight" {ie: trying to change the conversation of #BlackLivesMatter to one of All Lives Matter}...

Then good.


Because the only way we can ever come together is by being willing to look at our own shit.

▼ ▼ ▼

I was talking to a client earlier today and he thanked me for how much of a perspective shift he's had since we've been working together.


Such an un-seeming word, isn't it?

And yet, it holds so much weight and responsibility.

We cannot control the world, but we can control our perspective.

➵ We CAN take responsibility for our triggers and go deeper within ourselves before acting out and throwing a tantrum towards the person or situation that we are blaming for our trigger.

➵ We CAN recognize that one of the reasons we are so triggered is that we are being called out on the APATHY and DISASSOCIATION that we have come to cherish and, let's get real, EXALT.

⧫ Because once we are shown the Truth of something, it then becomes a conscious CHOICE to remain uninvolved. ⧫

It is a DECISION to not step up, to not say something, to not help.

So, my question to you today is what do you have your blinders on around... What are you numbing out to so that you don't have to go deeper?

Share here if you feel called.

But if you do share, keep your triggered, reactive, blaming shit to yourself.

This is not the space and I am not the One.

♛ If however you want to open a dialogue about how you can step into your Wild Sovereignty in this world, then please share from your Highest Self here.

Loving you madly and deeply,

N 🐾☾


If you are being called to task by your soul and are 100% all-in on scaling your mission into a global movement of social change {while having the most orgasmically awakened experience evahhhh}, I have two Wild Ways for us to co-create. One is online and the other is taking place in the heart of the jungle over the Equinox.

Contact me for more info.

Nikka Karli