The "Micro" of Momentum

Photo courtesy of  Sean Scott Photography

Photo courtesy of Sean Scott Photography

You already know your next step...

You already know the answer to the question that keeps LOOPING over and over {and over} again in your mind...

But you don't BELIEVE.

Not yet.

*You don't believe in your own ability to step into your next level NOW.*

Oh sure. You believe it on the macro level... the big vision level.

But not on the NOW level...

Not on the ⇢ MICRO ⇠ Level.

And that's what it's going to take.

You've got to learn how to drop your desire into and THROUGH your body if you want to see the necessary momentum that will shift your CAPACITY to HOLD this new level of desire right now.

...You've got to understand the current “flavor” of Consciousness ENCODING that is keeping you from fully embodying that desire on a cellular level in each area of your life and soul's work.

...And, even more pressing, you've got to be willing to say YES to this Primal Excavation Work and MAKE THE TIME for it today.

Not tomorrow once your event is over.

Not next week when you've nailed your retargeting on the Google Display Network.

Not next month once you've done the blah and had the blah and finished the blah.


Yeah, I know... and there's the rub.

Because integration and energetic expansion Work take precedence over busy work.

They must.

I know the Resistance is Strong with this one.

I know all the voices are clamoring for attention in your head right now.

But if you let yourself breathe into it... if you let yourself drop into all.the.feels. around it...

You'll touch the Bones.

You'll Reawaken the Deep Knowing... and you'll find your way home through the madness.

Because you Know.

You've always Known.

This is just that lil' reminder you asked for.


Loving you,


Artist Spotlight :

Sean Scott, Global Travel Photograher

Nikka Karli