The “Holy Terrain” Of Orgasm


For a man who can follow his heart
Not get bound by his boys and his chains
For a man who can follow his heart
And stand up in my holy terrain
— FKA Twigs

We are taught to vilify our bodies.

To desecrate them as if they are inherently wrong for even daring to exist.

We are reminded, over and over {and over} again that they are less than… or too much… or whatever the opposite of how we’re expressing ourselves happens to be.

And we proceed to enter into relationships and sexual “contracts” with this self-flagellation {not in the fun bdsm way} at the helm, and then marvel at how the partners we choose do not core meet the need we have for feeling whole.

So… where do we go from here?

  1. We become exquisitely attuned with our own needs, desires, and woundings 

  2. We accept who we are and where we are, in every given moment

  3. We track and excavate, through our body-mind, exactly where the limitations and resistance to our own freedom lie

  4. We come back into partnership, first with ourselves and God, and then with our {current or future} lover(s)

  5. We cultivate an Orgasmic Ecology of Thriving within our bodies, relationships, and life

Oh. And one more thing…

We declare, once and for all, that our body… our pleasure… and our orgasm are hallowed and sacred ground.

Holy terrain that we will honor with every part of ourselves, an Embodied Reverence that will determine our actions, expression, partners, and choices… in a way that actually turns on our soul.

And in order to begin, we must simply begin.

For my guidance and space holding along your path, I invite you to go here:

Once you apply, we’ll hop on the phone and call down whatever Magic is awakening within you, howling to be set free.

Yum yum yum.

Nikka “The Tantrika” Karli

{see what I did there?}

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