The Funny Thing That Happens When You Keep Asking For A "Sign"

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If you’re truly wild at heart, you’ll fight for your dreams.
— -The Good Witch, Wild at Heart

I was sitting here, asking my pussy what my next step was, and I realized I was doing it again.


You know how when you have this in-depth conversation with the Muse, one where you’re knocked upside the head with the next level of work you’re here to do in the world...  and you start taking action for a while… but then you get kinda stagnant… so the doubts start to creep back in and you start questioning what it is you’re supposed to actually be doing… and blah blah blah?

Yeah, it was like that. Fuuuuccckkkkkkk.

But, this is exactly what happens when we hit capacity with what our body can hold around success, safety, love, and belonging.

Which leads us back to our old patterning of saying “ok, I’m ready... show me my next step”, when we haven’t even taken relentless, unapologetic action on the last answer we’ve been given.

Now clearly, I had already been given my next step.

I had received so much magic, accompanied by a full-on blueprint of how to strategically implement it, that it’s not even funny.

But there is something “funny” that happens when we hit capacity:

We temporarily “forget” that we’ve already received the answer to our questions... and so we go back to the drawing board to try and figure out what God/soul/pussy is asking us to do, how to do it, what the exact steps are, etc.

This opens us to even more doubt and mistrust of our own intuitive knowing, which gives Resistance an even deeper hold in our body and art... and then drops us fully onto the Creative Hamster Wheel of Doom.

But today pussy gave me some serious wisdom that I will pass on to you, and it is this:

You’re not trying to figure out how to do it, you’re trying to figure out a way around it.

Read that again.

Because when we’ve been given the answer, but we subsequently hit capacity around our belief/ability to actually hold it in our body, we distract ourselves with doubt, obligations, fear, tech gremlins, drama in our love life, and more so that we don’t have to become the sovereign embodiment of that answer.

Ergo and here-to-for {yes, I’m classy like that}, I invite you to look at what it is you think you still need to figure out…

And then look at what you already have figured out but you’re still running around, trying to find a different answer because you’re in full-on nervous system freak out about the Truth that you already know you need to take action around.

And then... you make a choice.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Not so much.

But it is the thing that will actually move the needle around the areas and opportunities that matter most.

If you’re curious about the consciousness re-encoding required to make this shift {and then how to cultivate a depth of awareness that allows you to keep shifting even after you hit capacity}, go here:

And yes, making the decision to reframe and re-install the “operating system” of your body and her/their capacity for creativity and growth is also a choice.

One that could, potentially, change everything.

Happy excavating,


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