The Early Bird Catches The Orgasm


This is not about getting up at 5am.

Nor is it about some obscure hack that gives you the “3 secrets” you need in order to have the best sex of your life.

This is, however, about the hidden preconceptions that are derailing your pleasure and the level of intimacy you are able to hold in your body and life.

I was cooling down after my run this morning, and I saw a bird in a tree with {what I preconceived to be} a worm in its mouth.

Now, could it have been a worm? Sure.

But what happened was this:

  1. I looked up.

  2. I saw a bird.

  3. The bird had something in its mouth.

  4. My primal brain kicked in.

  5. It dismissed the sighting as not being a threat {yay!}.

  6. It sifted through all the experiences of my past {including stories, direct experiences, and colloquialisms} that involved anything resembling a bird.

  7. It decided that said bird must, of course, have a worm in its mouth.

  8. It moved on.

What does this have to do with sex and orgasm? Everything.

Stay with me here.

Because this is what our primal brain does with every situation.

Let’s say we are about to have sex with our partner, but we had an argument the night before and it still feels unresolved, so our primal brain is now seeing our partner as a potential threat because “they hurt us” a few hours ago.

Our primal brain catalogues our partner with people from our childhood who also hurt us in an argument. It says: Watch out! Here is that same threat and we should be on the defensive.

Why? Because our primal brain doesn’t live in linear time.

Which means, it sees a threat in the present and a threat from our past as the same thing.

And because the primal brain’s job is to protect us, whether the threat is real or perceived, this leads us to shutting down our intimacy and pleasure with our partner.

But the crazy part?

We often can’t even tell why we’re shutting down, we just recognize that it’s happening.

And because we’re in that threat response, we don’t communicate well with our partner.

You know, because part of us is viewing them as the threat we’re afraid of {or ready to metaphorically annihilate}.

So... you can imagine how the sex is going to go that morning, right?

Not great, not great at all.

And where do we go from here?

Well, we learn to reconnect with our emotions and sensations on a body level, so we can re-encode our consciousness on a primal level.

Which is exactly what I dive into inside of Sex Magic Woman™.

Specifically inside Module 2: Remembering How to Feel.

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The excavation work in SMW is absolutely essential to becoming a multiorgasmic, turned on, and wholly satisfied Goddess.

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