The "Creative" Lie Heard Round the World

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At some point, you were told that you had to be quieter or louder... less intelligent or more… more beautiful or less… sexier or more tamed… just… different than your innate nature.

But, as you soon found out, no matter what you did or didn’t do, someone {probably many someones} was going to inevitably take issue with who you were.

And you likely had one of two reactions:

-Acquiesce to the limitations placed upon you…

-Or rebel against them {possibly in a really obnoxious/wounded inner child way}

Now, neither of these choices are right or wrong… I just want you to ask yourself if it’s still serving you.

Both of these options can be potentially self-harming and, quite often, harming to those around us.

Because we then choose partners, businesses, artistic expression, religion, cultural identification, and more based on a lie.

A lie that we have to be something, anything, other than our innate self in order to be loved, to succeed, to belong, and to be safe.

Imagine the types of relationships and art you would create from a place of believing that your identity was inherently wrong.

That you were inherently wrong.

Probably not the most aligned and sacred choices, eh?

So what happens when you want to break the mold… When you’re ready to tear down the barriers you have erected to keep yourself safe and finally allow yourself to just. fucking. BE…. What do you do then?

Well, I can tell you what probably won’t help is to just write out affirmations on the mirror, repeat a “mantra” 50 times a day, or blindly hustle your ass off until your nervous system is more tweaked out than a hummingbird on crack.

But one thing that will help?

High level ecological support that actually helps you shift into a completely new way of existing in your own body.

And, from there, how you show up as a Creator, a womxn, a lover, an athlete… pretty much every area in your life that really matters to you on a soul level.

Not-so-coincidently, this is exactly what we’ll be excavating during TheJuly Sessions of Body of Work.

But, you only have a few more days before these particular Sessions go bye-bye-bye.

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