The “Communion” Of Marketing, Mission, & Soul


You’ve been lied to.

We all have.

We’ve been taught that in order to make an impact, we have to be tactically savvy.

That in order to integrate our art and Genius with scalable growth, we must first figure out all the hacks and shortcuts that will help us “edge out” our competition.

That’s the Big Idea that we’ve been sold.


But not just any competition. And certainly not healthy competition, like in sports and performance.

No. This is a never-ending, all-consuming, soul-sucking competition that drains us dry and renders us incapable of making progress, let alone making a difference.

So what’s the alternative?

Well, it’s not going into battle with anyone else, I can tell you that.

It’s also not that other pill that society has been trying to force down your throat your entire life:

Engaging in constant battle with yourself.

But that’s a whole other level of consciousness re-encoding that I’ll come back to soon enough.

For now, suffice to say this:

The missing piece or, rather, the opposite piece to competition is Communion.

And how do you begin entering into communion with your mission?

By accepting that the only person you’ve been fighting is yourself.

And, from there, you can begin integrating all the lost and disowned aspects of your psyche that you thought you had to get rid of in order to be safe and successful.

Now, this takes a level of embodied commitment that most won’t {or can’t} make.

Because it requires us to do the deep healing work and take seriously aligned action… at the same time.

You don’t get to sit back and just do internal growth work for the next five years.

But neither do you get to just take a million actions, all willy nilly, without any integration or ownership for those actions.

All this to say…

There’s a choice that must be made here.

… To remain in irrelevant competition that gets you nowhere.

… Or to enter into deep, reverent communion with the work of your soul.

If you choose the latter, I can help.

The October Sessions in Body of Work {my monthly ecological support + growth incubator} is all about making decisions that not only move the needle…

But also drop you into a level of erotic and orgasmic awakening you might not have thought possible when it comes to business, marketing, and sustainable leadership.

To learn more, go here:

Of course, hit me back with any Qs.

As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,


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