The Case For NOT Getting What You Want

You’ve earned the right to live your dreams.
— A.J. Buckley as Sonny Quinn, SEAL Team

There’s something to be said for delayed gratification.

...And that something is that it’s annoying as shit.

Because who wants to delay the thing that we want?

I mean, we are human after all. And humans are notorious for wanting what we want and wanting it now. Consequences be damned.

Except… There is something quite exquisite that can happen with the murder mystery slash thriller suspense of the delayed gratification “game”.

Here’s what I mean:

I was watching the show SEAL Team, about a bunch of, well, Seal Team cats, and one of my favorite characters on the show shared the above quote.

But before I could even get to the part of the show where he said that line, I had to go through the suspense of the show’s opening.

Now I should note, most shows and films suck at suspense. Books too.

But SEAL Team always opens in a different way.

Sometimes they give you a tease about what’s coming, go right into the intro {show title, the dark of night, and the guys coming out of the water with rifles out}, come back to the show for like 5-8 minutes, and then go to commercial.

Other times, they give you a quick taste, go to commercial, come back with the storyline, cut to the intro, and go back to commercial.

And still other times, they change it from that.

Me personally? I don’t watch commercials. I fast forward through them and I’ve always got my fingers at the ready to skip them as quickly as possible {no delayed gratification for me, no siree}.

But I don’t have the remote ready for SEAL Team anymore.

Because I never know when that first commercial break is going to occur and when they’re going to give me a full synopsis and storyline first.

And you know what happens?

I actually pay more attention to the show, instead of waiting to get to the good stuff {aka: the longer segments of show that happen after the first commercial break}.

Now, let’s go back to Sonny’s quote.

He’s a Texan’s Texan, with the boots, toothpick, hat, whiskey, and swag to prove it.

And he’s also got the biggest heart anyone could ask for {all the best characters must have fab polarity, ya know?}.

So Sonny’s telling… someone {I won’t ruin the plot for you if you haven’t seen it yet} that she’s earned the right to live her dreams.

That it’s time for her to throw her clichéd caution to the wind and go all in on what she knows she is here to do.

And this got me to thinking.

About the juxtaposition of delayed gratification and immediate action.

Of how we can want something so badly that its become an ache in our bones, and yet…

We’re torn between whether or not to do something about it.

And if we do choose to do something, when do we do it?

Now, like right now?

Or later, when conditions might be more favorable?

How do we know which we’re supposed to pursue at any given time, when we have such conflict about it in our body?

I’m a firm believer that indecision comes from disconnection.

Read that again.

AKA: When we’re unsure and constantly second guessing ourselves, we are also usually disconnected from God, art, and soul.

Meaning, we’re living with one foot in... and one foot who knows where, but it sure as hell isn’t serving us.

Body of Work: The April Issue will help you become so deeply dropped in and connected in your body, that everything you touch becomes infused with clarity and turn on.

You will become so completely at home in your own skin, that you fully trust your decision-making capacity... whether you’re living that immediate action or delayed gratification life.

The April Issue closes on Sunday, March 31.

So if you’re a procrastinator because of #allthethings {happens to all of us}...

Here’s your reminder and clarion call to join now.

Loving you,



Just a heads up…

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