The British government's secret weapon for attaining the unattainable

 I am going to find the thing you love most, and kill it.
— Eve Polastri, "Killing Eve"

We’re coming off the season of death and entering into one of rebirth {for those of us north of the “line”, at least}.

Which means that maybe, just maybe, the past few months have left your creativity and passion {aka your mojo}... at slightly less than peak “function”.

You might be feeling like your nervous system has been injected with a numbing agent and your brain has had the activity of a hibernating grizzly.

{What, just me?}

But if we can allow our bodies to wake up the same way Mama Nature is waking up, we can use this coming season as a catalyst for the next level of the work we’re here to do…

And for the Co-Creator we are being called to become.

If you look at your intimacy, and mix in a bit of your creative fire... you might feel like your flames have been doused, as of late.

But we are now crossing into the portal of ideation, an alchemical space we can meet with new resolve, curiosity, and trust.

Except… of course… there’s one little thing here:

Equal and opposite reactions, right? {Damn physics.}

And so as we are opening ourselves to a mastery of self the likes of which we’ve never known…

There is something else readying for spring, just like us…

And that something else is Resistance.

Have you see the show Killing Eve?

It’s really good.

Anyways, Eve {our American-raised, British born rogue MI-5 agent {or is it 6? I can’t remember…} is chasing a super villain by the name of Villanelle.

But Villanelle flips the script and finds Eve first.

Suffice to say she scares the crap out of Eve {in addition to making her feel some very other… unprofessional emotions}, so Eve gets super pissed and tells Villanelle she’s going to kill the thing she loves the most.

Of course, Villanelle is a psychopath, so is it possible she loves anything or anyone other than herself? {You’ll have to watch to find out.}

But here’s the thing:

This super villain can teach us something extremely valuable as Creators… And so can Eve.

See, Villanelle is Resistance. And she’s coming for us.

Day in and day out.

She’s looking to catch us with our pants down, unaware that she even knows who we are…

And she will stop at nothing to destroy our creative Genius and self evolution with equal and opposite force.


Because she’s a psychopath, that’s why.

She {Resistance} only cares about herself.

It’s not personal.

It’s not about you. Or me.

It’s about her love of destruction, plain and simple.

Make no mistake.

She has a purpose, our “Villanelle”, which is to oppose Creativity.

To keep us lost in the wastelands of our minds, unable {and sometimes unwilling} to take a step forward… to create… to love… to Be.

But we can employ the secret tactics of one Eve Polastri, and we can go after what Resistance loves the most:

The Sneak Attack.

Resistance wants to catch us slipping, she wants us to be lulled into a sense of complacency…

She wants us to have the false belief that we can take breaks from the Work, and just come back to it when we “feel like it”.

She wants us to believe that we can only create when we’re “inspired”.

She wants us to believe the latest, seemingly tiny distraction she places in front of us, dangling it like the proverbial carrot to knock us off course.

And she wins a great deal of the time.

But if call on our inner rogue agent and go after her favorite thing {aka: The Sneak Attack} first?

Well then, we can destroy the vice grip she has around our minds and bodies...

And we can drop into 100% freedom in the way we create, make love, and embody our mission in the world.

And how do we go after the Sneak Attack first?

I’ll show you tmrw.

In the meantime, write out 5 things that have been causing constriction in your body or breath, over the past few months.

Things that are clawing their way out from your soul.

Things that are ready to be birthed or shed.

No worries, we’ll chat about what to do with them later this week.

For now, just write ‘em out.

And we’ll reconvene mañana.

Loving you,


Nikka Karli