The Body is the Bridge


We spend so much time denying Her.


Relegating Her to the outskirts, the fringe, of our existence.


We pretend She is separate, that we are BURDENED to “have to deal with Her”.



...Who gives us sanctuary.

...Who gives us shelter.

...Who is our Bridge.


We hold onto past traumas and store them within Her.


We then tell Her she can’t be trusted and ignore everything She has to show us, even when She’s just trying to help us heal.



Who houses Divinity on Earth.


And we wonder why we feel disconnected from our Truth... from our lives... from humanity.


In order for us to fully experience our time here, we must tap into a deeper space of intrinsic forgiveness and Knowing.


We must give ourselves permission to BE in Her.



Our bodies.


Our teacher.


Our homecoming.


Going deeper into all the feels...


...How to give voice to Her desires.

...How to respond to Her signals {rather than ignoring them and then raging at God for not answering our pleas}.

...How to awaken into our own goddess consciousness by Remembering that above all, we are OF God.



Is waiting for us to begin.



Loving you,



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Sex Magic Woman begins Monday. Sacred bonuses disappear Sunday at midnight.


Part the veil.

Commit to your own Untaming.

Own your Truth and share it- without apology- in a way that raises the vibration of our planet.


Begin now.


If you’re ready to #goddessthefuckup right NOW, join us here.




Want a taste of what it’s like to alchemize serious goddess shit with me?


Watch this.

Nikka Karli