The Artist Formerly Known as You

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You're Basic.

No really, you're B.A.S.I.C.

This is what I came to realize this morning while reading one of my favorite authors, Steven Pressfield.

I've been acting like I am So. Fucking. Basic.

Which, if you know me at all, is the last thing on earth I'd ever want to be.

But my writing, my soul’s expression, has been... trivial.

It's been lacking.

It's been utterly boring.

Which {for any artist} is pretty much the equivalent of dying a slow miserable un-noteworthy death.


...Why have I been so bland and vanilla when I'm such a primal warrior goddess on all levels?

...What has brought me down into the depths of ineptitude and niceties?

...What fears and doubts have reigned in my wild ways and wrought me into the wastelands of... Basic?

This is the curse.

Of not turning fully pro.

Of remaining in the coddled self-induced state of "incapacity".

Of allowing the fears and doubts to override my soul's calling.

Take a good look.

This is what Shadow creativity looks like.

This is what an amateur sounds like.

This is what Resistance winning out over Truth feels like.

And also?

Look in the mirror.

Because we all do this.

On some level.

We all have a calling born of the Divine, born of soul, that we have denied for so long that the denial almost {ALMOST} feels like right.

It's easier to remain bland, boring, basic vanilla artists.

We don't rock the boat so much.

There's no real fear of being ostracized from the tribe and cast out to our death.

There's no real risk of actually baring our Truth to the world and allowing people to know the real, messy, doesn't-have-her-shit-together-at-all US.

There are moments in every artist's life where she is called to wake the fuck up.

To SHOW the fuck up.

Maybe this is yours, I don't know.

But it's definitely mine.

I can no longer abide by this under-serving. This muted way of creating.

I don't fully know what will be birthed through me going forward, but I know that it will be born of Truth.

I know that I will no longer allow the shadow to win.

And I know that this is a commitment I will have to make every single morning, every single afternoon, every single night.

To cultivate a Sacred Habitat for my art and my mission with the way that I live my life.

To consciously release any and all distractions that coax my fears and doubts and try to tell me it's alright to NOT go all in today, to NOT create, to NOT lead at the level I'm being asked to lead.

And also?

This is not about the hustle.

...The grind.

...The self-mutilation and flagellation that we tell ourselves mean we are successful or leaders or artists or "good".

This is about soul triumphing over addiction, distraction, and indecision.

This is about Truth getting Shadow into a choke hold and submitting that little shit into oblivion.

This is about showing up and creating every day.

So here's to the Wild.

Here's to a Remembrance of who the fuck we ARE.

And, as always...

Here's to your {and my} Untaming.

Loving you,



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Nikka Karli