That’s What She Said… I Think


Your body has been giving you some signals lately.

Signals that you most likely have been… ignoring.

Or, at the very least, postponing until who knows when, after you’ve accomplished who knows what.

So, why do we do this?

Well, I want you to imagine that your body is your lover.

And she {your lover aka your body} has been giving you a ton of messages about what she would like in your relationship moving forward.

And she’s also expecting you to understand her signals because, well, you’ve had these discussions for decades and by now… she understands you and needs you to understand her.

So she’s telling you what she needs and desires to feel safe and met and healthy and adored.


You’re just not picking up what she’s putting down.

And because it sucks to not understand what she’s saying, you begin to kinda ignore her and kinda misinterpret what she’s saying.

Sometimes accidentally… but sometimes also on purpose.

Because nobody likes feeling like they’re less than intelligent or that they’re incapable of understanding basic conversation.

Oh, and also?

Sometimes you want the opposite of what she wants and so…. You just ignore her or pretend you misunderstood.

Which results in her mistrust of you, and your {seemingly never-ending} frustration with her.

I’ve been doing things very differently with my own love relationship.

The one between me and my body, I mean.

Something that, in the opinion of Yours Erotic, is a shit ton more fun and allows both parties to feel 100% satiated, witnessed, and turned on.

It’s something that will likely save you a lot of nervous system crashes, low grade distress, and disconnection from your own gorgeous body.

And it’s waaaay more sexy to boot.

I’m diving into this little somethin’ somethin’ in the very first page of Body of Work: The April Issue.

And, if you implement and integrate what I’m putting down, your body will not only thank you, you will almost certainly begin to remember how to listen to her and, my oh my, how to embody her wisdom as Truth.

In the way you make art, make love, and make an impact in the world.

Last chance to get The April Issue is tmrw.

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Loving you,