Tasting the Wild


If you crave the Wild, you have to expose your need to be "good".


You cannot become fully immersed in the primal nectar of your Womanhood if you are constantly battling an undercurrent of your encoded idea of "goodness".


This goodness is a story that has been passed down through generations, a cancerous growth that has embedded its way into the marrow of our bones.


👉🏽 It tells us we have to do things in a way that make us LOOK good...

👉🏽 We have to speak in a way that makes us SOUND good...

👉🏽 We have to behave in a way that makes others PERCEIVE us as good.


This is death to your creativity. 💀


These are the shackles that are cutting off the life force to your pleasure.


And this is the hand over your mouth that is muting your Truth and burying your power under an outdated belief of what it is to be a Woman. 😱


A few weeks ago, I heard a man call someone "princess" because she was working through something out loud and he wanted her to make the decision he thought she should make.


Princess.  🤦🏽‍♀️


One of the most ridiculous and condescending things you can call a grown woman.


But it's so deeply rooted in our culture of what a Woman should be, isn't it?


A princess is {inherently} someone who is flighty, indecisive, less than, not ready, and needs saving.


A Woman... a GODDESS... knows who the fuck she is and is done with trying to appear a certain way just to fit in.


She knows she was born to break molds and tear down barriers {not build walls to keep out the "dangerous" people who are different than her... yeah I said it}.


She knows that in order for her to be fulfilled she must fill her own cup first.


And she knows that in order to taste the Wild... she has to give up the need to know everything and surrender herself to the Mystery Of All That Is.


Do you crave this depth, this Wild? 🐾


If so, are you prepared to stop living based on what people think you are supposed to be in order to stand fully in the instinctual POWER of who you CAME here to be?


I know, I know... you think you're already there. 🙍🏽‍♀️


You think you're done with the people pleasing and striving for the "goodness".


I hear this from sooooo many Women, except when it comes down to it... they admit how underwhelmed they actually are by their sex life, their intimacy with God, their ability to stalk around fully naked, their indecisiveness with difficult conversations, how they are creating and sharing their One True Message with the world, and on and on...


So I want you to go deeper than your knee-jerk response of "hell yeah, Goddess! I'm completely Untamed and Free in every way!".


I want you to explore the possibility that there is even MORE Wild to you and that you've barely even scratched the SURFACE of what it means to be free.


Free in all the ways and in all the things.


Free in your voice...

...Your power

...Your art

...Your raw, naked body

...Your conversations

...Your family

...Your wealth

...Your God connection

...Your yoni

...Your big, crazy mission in this world


All of it. 🔥


And if there was a space to go deeper, to uncover the bones and dance naked under the moon while you bare your everything to God, art, and soul...


Would you be willing? 🙋🏽‍♀️


Loving you,

N 🐾🌙



If you ARE willing, if your soul and your yoni are a fuck yessssss for this kind of Light + Shadow, Feminine + Masculine, Sex + Soul Archetypal Work...


Contact me because I'm about to rock your whole world.


I'm talking you, me, and a few other Mystic Rebel Goddesses in the mystery of the jungle, diving into an ancient, alchemical exploration of God, art, and soul... and the most intoxicating Remembrance of what it means to be a Woman.




Contact me, Wild One.


And let's get it onnnnnnn. 🙌🏽🐾🌍

Nikka Karli