Take Stock of the Direction Your Life is Currently Taking


Are you building a new business? Or maybe you're ready to scale up in your current venture?

Either way, are you spending all of your energy trying to figure out how to shut down, veg out, and "unwind"? If you said "yes"... WHY??? Maybe it's time you start focusing your energy on creating a life you actually, uh, you know... ENJOY.

One you don't need to take a break from.

A life that turns you ON and lights you UP.

A business that is in full alignment with your soul. Your mission. Your gifts.

Perhaps it's time you started DOING THE WORK and designing a life that is so completely blissed out that you no longer worry about unwinding.

Because there's no need.

Because you are creating.


Sharing your message.



Speaking on sold-out stages.




You are doing what you are MEANT to be doing.

Rather than living someone else's version of what your life should be.

Take stock of the direction your life is currently taking.

And if it's not going where you want it to be going... Hit the "ON" switch.

Because it's time, Lover.



As always...

Here's to your Untaming™,

Nikka Karli



Inspired by the kickass revolutionary herself @katloterzo

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