Suffer the Wild

At your center, your womb
You are wild
You have only forgotten
How wild you once were
And now you have a hunger
Deep inside
That no man or drug or fame
Can ever touch
A place betwixt
And between
The opening of you
The sacred oracle of yes
Yes is the remembrance
The portal to essence
And the allowing
Of your own divinity
No you cry
I am not ready
And I have not yet
Suffered my suffering
And I must be broken
More and again
Before I can understand
My own surrender
But if you say you must
Be worn down and torn
Beyond your own bliss
Then you will forever wander
In the deserted wastelands
Of your womanhood
Barren and forgotten
But why must I feel
You beg into the abyss
Of scattered dreams
As you are pierced by your own vulnerability
Your truth is your desire
And your thirst
Cannot be quenched
By more suffering
Only through the succulence of being
The sweetest nectar
Of the blood pounding
Around your pleasure
Will you finally set free
Your wild woman
And come home
To her
© Nikka Karli 2016
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