It Sucked the Creativity Right Out of Me


Hi Beautiful, You know how sometimes you just don't have anything to say?

As if all the creativity has been sucked right out of you and you've been drained dry?

I've kinda been feeling that way the past few days.

But it actually hasn't been bad at all.

I know, it seems as if it would be horrible, right?

And usually, it would be.

I'd be beating myself up and wondering what the heck my problem was.

But not this time.

It's actually been really dope.

Wanna know why? Because I didn't fight it this time.

I just decided to let it be.

To let MYSELF just be.

Instead of trying to make myself create and write and shoot videos and do live streams.

I just sat with the fullness of feeling... Emptied out. And it's been glorious.

Orgasmically glorious. To just let myself be IN it. Without fighting.

Presence in stillness and surrender.


If you were hanging online with me last week, you know that 1) I started my radio show last week (yay!) and that 2) the audio didn't record for the show's 1st episode (boooooo!).

So I finally just sat down and re-recorded it.

It's different.

And it's not what I intended.

And it's perfectly imperfect.

You can listen here.

Leave a comment and share what you're re-birthing this month.

The messiness in me is loving the crap out of the messiness in you.


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