Stop Faking It


Stop faking it. Real pleasure comes from you being you.

Not some watered-down, politically correct version of who you think you should be.

When you are constantly trying to be someone else, trying to force someone else's vision for your life to be your own, you are not being true to the divine purpose you were placed on this earth to fulfill.

Your creativity, your genius, your vision.

All must come from a place of your authentic self.

All must be in alignment with the you who you were before anyone else told you needed to become anything different.

All must come from the deepest well of your soul.

Because when you try to live in a way that is pleasing to others (rather than pleasing to you!), you only end up masquerading as some deflated, unoriginal version of yourself.

It is only when you allow yourself to step fully into your gifts- when you give yourself permission to be unapologetically brilliant- that you are able to show up fully in the world.

It is only THEN that your business, your body, and your life all become temples for your divinity.

It is only THEN that your sacred power, abundance, and bliss can be unleashed.



As always...

Here's to your Untaming™,

Nikka Karli

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