Sometimes The Thing You Used To Hate Is The Thing That Will Set You Free


I used to hate my voice.

When adults would call the house, they’d say “hi son, is your mom or dad home?”.

And to top it off, even though I had this deep, raspy scratch voice… I couldn’t do anything with it.

I couldn’t sing. I couldn’t rap. I had ridiculous stage fright, which meant performing in theater or doing spoken word was out of the question…

So I felt like I had this weird voice that had the potential to be cool if only it could do something cool… but it was just there, taunting me with its mediocrity.

But then, something major happened.

I started teaching Movement classes and coaching/rehabbing athletes when I was 17… and I started to develop a new appreciation for my voice.

My students and athletes loved it. My voice was low, chill, calming… and could also motivate people to get shit done like no other.

Around then, I began cultivating a connection with the raw primal power of my register and tone.

{Which comes in verrrry deliciously during sex and breathwork, let me tell you. #justsayin}

All this to say:

Sometimes the thing you used to hate is the thing that will set you free.

My voice has landed me stages, teaching opportunities with the most epic communities, and critical acclaim in the bedroom. {Ok, maybe I’m making that last one up. Or am I?... ;) }

So I’ve finally decided to do something my body has been demanding for some time.

And that “something” is a new audio project we could call a podcast, but it’s really so much more.

The first episode is recorded and will drop next week. Yowza!

But in the meantime, here’s a trailer to give you a taste of what I’m on about:

Oh. And a side benefit of playing in the depths with sexual energy and primal movement?

Momentum. Really, really powerful momentum.

...Distilled down to the projects that matter most.

So if you like them apples, you’ll loooooove this audio project.

More soon.



I finally made it back to Afro Cuban and Rumba dance classes this week. It’s my first time since before the Mexico retreats and I am soooo rusty and stiff, but holy fuck, did they feel so good!

You can watch me knocking the dust off here.