Sex Magic Secrets from The Legion of Doom

I control everything in this town, Superman. Your cooperation is not really necessary. The offer was merely... a courtesy.
— Lex Luthor

If you’ve ever seen a superhero movie, you know there will also be a {stronger, smarter, craftier} villain.

It’s as old as Story itself.

If there is good, there is evil.

If there is a plan to save the world, there is also a plot to destroy it.

And in these storylines, there is always a way for the heroine to overcome the villainess by awakening the power she already has inside.

But there’s a catch:

Before our heroine can master herself, she must first battle the demons of her soul.

She must overcome the shame, self-doubt, and pain of her past and, only then, is she able to claim her full power and embody the heroine she has been all along.

It reminds me of our sexual desire and energetic capacity.

The ability we all have within us to truly feel, on a level that transcends human construct and societal mores.

A connection that will, once we battle our own demons, allow us to fully stand in our power and use our sexual energy to co-create the life and meaning we desire.

One of the main villains in comic book history is Lex Luthor {and his Legion of Doom buddies}.

Lex once told Superman that because he {meaning Lex} was already in control, that Superman’s cooperation was completely irrelevant to the matter at hand.

Which gives us a whole new way of looking at our sexual energy, desire, and ability to feel pleasure within our bodies {and from there, the rest of our lives}.

If we become fully sovereign in our own skin, if we take complete ownership of our own sexual prowess and embodiment... then the “cooperation” of everyone else becomes superfluous.

To put it another way:

Once we decide to own the fuck out of who we are, everyone else’s opinion of us fades to black.

The way we create… make love… receive love… experience wealth… impact humanity…

All of them now get to come from a place of radical self power and we no longer wait to belong, or wait to have validation, or wait for family members to die before we can really live {yes, this is a thing for many, maaaany Creators}.

So... where do we go from here?

I’m covering it in Chapter 2 of Body of Work: The April Issue.

It goes to production soon and the doors close for this issue on March 31, at 11:59pm PT.

So mosey your sexy, Creative self over and join me here.

Your body, sex life, and creativity will thank you for-evvvv-errrrrr.

Loving you,

Nikka “We Run This Town” Karli

Nikka Karli