Sex Magic for Manifestation


Do you know how to pay attention when your body is trying to get your attention?

...Or do you need to be knocked flat on your ass before you notice the signals your body has been trying to give you?

If we’re attuned, we can recognize the feedback from our body when it’s smaller {aka: not catastrophic and destroying our life around us} and we can calm our nervous system right away.

Which means our primal brain, body, and mind all chill out because they sense that we’re safe once again.

So how do we cultivate a deeper sensitivity with the signals of our body?

Well, I’ve found Sex Magic is one of the most intuitive {and delicious} ways that pretty much anyone can use to take full agency within their life, relationships, and mission…

A caveat, though:

It’s pretty damn hard to do if shit is already  hitting the fan and your primal brain is in threat response mode.

That is… unless you already have a daily/BTS sex magic practice.

The good news?

Practicing this just 10 minutes a day can make exponential shifts in your capacity to create what you desire in your life.

But you won’t even get to doing 10 min consistently if you don’t understand the underlying causes of why you haven’t started this work yet.

Maybe you didn’t know it was a thing.

Maybe you did know, but are still putting it off.

Either way, you know now.

And like GI Joe always says:

Knowing is half the battle.

The other half?

Embodying that knowledge as wisdom.

And for that to happen you’ve got to be willing to go deep into your body and cultivate a sustainable sensitivity with your emotions, thoughts, and energy.

I created a 10-minute breathwork and primal movement practice for you to follow along with, to help you do just that.

You can watch it here: 

I’ll be sharing more practices on YouTube each week, so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to turn on notifications for when new videos drop.



I am brand new at editing and using Premiere Pro. So bear with me. But the teachings are massively potent, even if my video editing game is not. ;)