Orgasmic Potential, Creative Expression, & Howling at the Moon

Nikka Karli.JPG

We both know why we’re here.

But sometimes we need help calling forth the Truth that rides our bones.


You are already successful.

You’re probably already out there sharing your magic and art...

But there is a next level of soul excavation that you are being called to.


Something you may or may not fully understand yet, but you KNOW that it’s there.

Something that scares the shit out of you because you’ve been playing it safe {and it feels like "safe" equals success}.

And now you’re not sure how your gritty, raw, wild Truth is going to land with some people... or how you’re going to be able to bring in the money.


You might become even “weirder” than you already are.

{I mean sex magic, God, money, art, Universal ley lines of energy, animal medicine, becoming Wildly Untamed and Free... so normal, right? Uhhhhh...}


But you feel a longing. A thirst. A hunger.


This thing is hounding you in the night, calling you out to the moon.

You drink sips of it, you feel its divine elixir sliding down the back of your throat... but then you put it back on the shelf.

You dip in your toes but then go back to the more normalized sense of “security” from doing things the way you’ve always done them {because it works, right? Well... except until it doesn’t...}


Because this new thing- this new hotness- is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before except in a Waking dream... but you want it.

You crave it...

You HOWL for it...


It shows up when you’re at the peak of Orgasmic Pleasure.

It rears its head when you sit down to write or paint or choreograph or create... but the words that want to come through are so wild and out there that you immediately scrap your creative session and go do something- ANYTHING- else to avoid the Truth that is burning its way through your soul.


But in the stillness, in the spaces between breaths, when no one can see... you allow yourself a moment to sink into what it might feel like if you allowed yourself to be that free...


That raw...

That unfiltered...

That turned on...


This is Orgasmic Potential.


This is sacred sexual energy infused into every aspect of your Beingness.

This is the sense of infinite possibilities that whisper to you in the dark and demand that you bare them to the Light.

This is you being so fucking hot and turned on and intoxicating that your very Essence is infused into every single cell of your art and message and life...


And you then become the only option when someone thinks of what you create or offer the world.

...“Raw primal photography? Oh yeah, it’s Her. Of course, it’s Her.”

...“Poetry that tears open your soul? Oh yeah. Her. Duh.”

...“A talk that takes the audience on a journey into their soul and pours liquid molten fire into their veins? Her. Only Her.”


This is the work we will co-create together.

Because this work, this depth of Beingness, requires that you become willing to stand in the fire, over and over and over again.

Sure, you can show up and get raw and create magic once...

But what happens when the demons come and tear your connection to the Muse into itty bitty shreads and leave you lying in a puddle on the floor, raging at God and calling for your mommy?

{If you have ever attempted to bring forth something that was not OF this world in TO this world, then you know exactly what I mean.}


You want someone at your back to guide you into Remembrance and help you return to the flames once more.


Your message is here to disrupt paradigms and shift the fabric of the Universe.

But first, you have to be willing to expand your capacity to receive your desires, to own the fuck out of who you are here to be, and bare your everything.


If you are one of the Wild Ones who is ready to answer your call {and raise your howl to the moon}, then I invite you to jump into the flames with me.

Right here, right now.

I have created something for you. For us. For a time such as this.


It’s called Sex Magic Woman™ and it’s a High Goddess Council of Mystics, Mavericks, & Women Who Howl at the Moon.


This is a tribal, primal, raw initiation into a {Re}Wilding Revolution™.


Because it's time to #goddessup.


As always,

Here’s to your Untaming,

N 🐾🌙