Resistance Will Often Disguise Itself


Resistance will often disguise itself as realistic choices and bullshit excuses. Resistance is that icy fear that steals the air from your lungs just as you are about to step into the moment that could transform your entire existence.

Resistance may appear in the form of doubt.



Resistance shows up when you least expect it.

When you've let down your guard.

When you finally feel comfortable and settled.

Resistance is not your friend but neither is it your enemy.

It is ambivalent to your suffering.

It is oblivious to your joy.

Resistance is simply a force of nature that appears when major shift is about to occur.

Resistance comes on the coat tails of divine possibility.

It rides in on the currents of transformation.

When you are presented with the opportunity to uplevel your vibration, resistance will not be far behind.

So, if you wish to see your dreams realized, you must remain ever vigilant in recognizing your own bullshit.

In seeing the ways that you habitually limit your own brilliance for fear of outshining others.

In calling yourself out when you decide to skip an audition or decide NOT to submit the article to the magazine of your dreams.

In seeing the ever-so-subtle energy that squeezes your heart and mind when you are presented with the chance to appear on THE nationwide TV show that reaches your exact target audience.

You must forever endeavor to see. To feel. To dive in.

Even when it's sticky...

Even when it's scary...

Even when it's impossible...

You must live each moment with the audacity to stand in the face of your resistance.

Because on the other side of the resistance lies everything (EVERYTHING) you have always wanted.

Will you go after it?

Or will you remain here?

In the muck.




The choice is yours.


As always...

Here's to your Untaming™,

Nikka Karli

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