Are You Putting Your Desires and Intimacy on the Back Burner... Again?

Hi Beautiful,

What if you could have mind-blowing and effortless intimacy, exquisite ongoing connection with God, the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you desire, AND begin receiving delicious amounts of money while doing world-changing work that turns on your SOUL?

Oh. And what if you could have it all EVEN IF you've been feeling somewhat disconnected from your intuition and have been putting your pleasure (and love life and soul's mission) on the back burner for years?

Stay with me for a couple minutes here. Because the good news here?

You can have it all.

Even better news?

I can help you get there so much FASTER and with so much more EASE, GRACE, and SELF-BELIEF than if you keep trying on your own. Why? Because I know you.

You are me and I am you.

And I've been through the whole shebang.

Not owning my worth.

Not speaking my truth unapologetically.


Doubting my mission and vision because I didn't feel they were divine enough. Living in the middle of transitional fire storms after divorce, losing homes, moving back in with my parents, and more.

Trusting my intuition even LESS because I had made investment "mistakes" in the past.

Living and loving from a place of fear and super hard/masculine energy and not understanding how to get back to my sacred, spine-tingling femininity (without feeling weak). Attempting to believe in my true vision after so. many. years of it not working, doing a crap ton of programs and working with various mentors.

Re-learning how to integrate my beautiful, unique soul medicine into my life's mission and vision for the world.

And more.

So I kept studying (for years).

And practicing.

I screwed the pooch royally and kept going.

I had dark nights of soul, where I raged at God and learned how to surrender (and keep surrendering).

I started getting exquisitely CLEAR and CONFIDENT in my own soul's work and exactly HOW I desired to live on this planet.

And once I began implementing this wisdom and actually feeling it and breathing it on a daily basis, SHIFT HAPPENED. And then I started implementing it with clients, students, and friends.

And it worked for them too! Like, holy crap, blow your soul wide open results!

...Manifesting more money in one week than in months and months of trying before...

...Getting crystal clear on their business and finding the confidence to finally put their soul's work out into the world...

...Letting go of old lovers who they KNEW weren't right for them, but they had always kept going back to them (or someone pretty much exactly LIKE them) anyways...

...Igniting their intimacy, communication, and sex life (like off the chains on fiyahhhhh) with their partners...

And more!

Absolutely delectable and toe-curling transformations!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


What are you waiting for before you truly start paying attention to your intimacy and connection and desires and pleasure and prosperity?

Why do you think you have to focus on everything else FIRST and leave this soul work for "later"? Trust me, buying yet another FB ads course, smart investment book, branding program, etc is not going to do it, Gorgeous. And really, I've tried that too. It didn't work. My money, love life, spirituality, and leadership all went to crap because I was missing the EXACT thing that was going to set me free:

STAYING IN DIVINE CONNECTION + EMBODYING MY OWN DESIRES. And learning how to live, love, lead, and create from THAT space, day in and day out (no matter what was going on around me or how much it seemed like the bottom was falling out).


And you? Are you dying to know what's missing? That final thing that needs to click into place? It's your alignment.

Your connection.

Your desire.

Your intimacy with your own body, intuition, partner (or future partner!), God, wealth, and your WHY.

We've been led to believe that it has to come from the outside IN, when in fact it's the complete opposite.

We MUST tap into and nurture our own soul's truth by aligning with- and then EMBODYING- what we desire for our lives on the deepest level.

The travel.

The freedom.

The orgasmic waking bliss of it all.

It's here.

It's yours.

Right now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And you, my Love?

It's time to step into the mystery together.

Time to release the doubt and the inhibitions that are muting you and keeping you in the societally-induced DOMESTICATION that has pervaded and invaded the very essence of your sacred womanhood. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Where do you go from here?

Allow me.

...Are you the all-in, give it to me hard and dirty kind of goddess? Head here to join me in my new soulgasmic and alchemically divine program Embody Your Desires today.

...Prefer a yummy slow reveal? Enjoy the tantalizing tease of a bit more sensual seduction and foreplay? Head here and watch my free training "5 Ways to Unleash Your Creative Sensual Energy Into Every Area of Your Life" and THEN join us in Embody Your Desires.

...Enjoy some direct contact and staring into each other's eyes while you feel the entire Universe moving through you? Send me an email right now and let's set up a time in the next few days to chat before we hop into bed together (mmmmmm, lol).

It's time.

Say yes.

Loving you.



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