Performance Secrets of Top Olympians... for Creators


Look, I’m not going to pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining. I fucked up.

The last two weeks have been really… weird, when it comes to creativity and connection.

And as I’m coaching more and more women in their sexual healing and awakening, I’m looking deeper and deeper into my own.

And what’s really been coming up for me is intimacy.

Specifically, the fact that I’m not a commitment phobe {which I used to tell myself}, but I am… let’s call it… Intimacy Avoidant {me thinks we shall have to dive into that one a bit more later...}.

This affects the way I connect to my sexual desires and my orgasmic potential… And to the way I create.

Men are often taught to view orgasms and sex as a performance, something they need to excel at and “win”.

While womxn are often taught to view orgasms and sex as a gateway to love and self worth.

It’s the difference between being raised on porn versus being raised on Disney.

{If you haven’t heard me talk about that before, let me know and I’ll go deeper into it this week.}

Anyways, the reason why this matters is that I’ve been approaching my creativity like a man is taught by society {and more} to approach sex:

Performance, performance, performance.

But my body was not having it.

She told me to reconnect with intimacy and the moon, specifically her yin and yang phases and how we are called to create within each phase.

And then this weekend, I started to bleed.

I don’t know about you, but when my body is releasing, I have absolutely no preconceived idea what I want to create or how.

It’s very flow-centered and cosmic.

So the more I kept trying, the more my body kept resisting… and the less I was able to actually create.

Sound familiar?


The deeper I wanted to go into my creativity and the upcoming program I’m releasing for you, the less certain I became about what it was, the format it wanted to be birthed in, and even why the hell I’m the one who is supposed to bring the program into the world.

Now, here’s the thing:

I know we try to “create” like we’re Meb Keflezighi, training for the marathon in the 2004 Olympics.

Meaning nonstop, hardcore, ruthless conditioning and output.

And that kind of training is good for something… namely, preparing our body to be ridiculously strong and powerful and be able to create for years and years to come.

But the part people don’t see about Meb {and every other athlete who reaches legendary status} is the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Namely- the body work, the energy work, the mindset work, the relationship work…

The soul work.

And this is the space we have to create from, if we want to create consistently and prolifically... without the burnout, addiction, and shit-show personal lives that crash down on so many artists and visionaries in the world.

So, take it from the best of the best {aka Olympic athletes in their prime}:

Yes, expand your capacity for power and strength and resilience… and also?

Expand your capacity for desire, flow, and conscious co-creation.

Drop into the spaces between and listen to the rhythms of your body…

And then create some fucking magic.

Loving you,



I missed youuuuuuuu. And I’m back.

And if you’re interested in how to use tantra and sexual energy for legendary creativity… hit reply and I’ll let you know when this new hotness is about to drop.

Nikka Karli