Creating From Peace vs Chaos


I woke up this morning feeling peaceful... but not ready to speak or connect.This is often the case, but today I felt it even more so... This felt like RESISTANCE.

I went through some morning rituals, prayer, meditation & visualization, a bit of reading {Osho}...

And I wondered what I would say today. How I would show up when I felt so peaceful and internal.

And it hit me that I was holding an old story about needing to connect with you through chaos, through conflict.

That me coming from the space of peace wouldn't allow me to fully engage or MOVE you... Or that I would't be able to write from a space of peace.

This shows up in our lives, our relationships, our work... The idea that we cannot grow or lead or love from a space of peace, only chaos. We then begin to tear down things that might not be ready to be torn down.

Our primordial goddess seeks to destroy and rip asunder anything which feels too steady or mundane or "normal".

And often we go along for that ride. Because we feel like SOMETHING needs to be happening for us to create art, for us to lead our tribe, for us to make an impact in the world... Even for us to RECEIVE love and intimacy.

But what if we also allowed ourselves to create and live and love from a space of contentment and equanimity? If we dove into the FLOW and swam in the current rather than always fighting it and, in turn, ourselves?

Join me here at noon PT/3pm ET for today's episode of Fierce, Wild, & Free Radio to play with our internal peace vs chaos "theories".

Hope to see you there, Gorgeous.

Loving you madly and deeply. Nikka


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