How Do We Open to Deeper Creativity and Live Our Turn On?

Today I am musing on Wild Woman, creativity, and soul expression.
Some questions to ponder and play with as you expand...
...How do we fully Undomesticate and Untame ourselves + fully open to our sacred sexuality as Essence and allow it all to fuel our creativity and soul's expression?
...How do we create rituals that turn on our soul and STICK to them without resentment or sense of obligation?
...How do we devote ourselves to our art, path, intimacy, and love while remaining fully open to Presence and change?
...How do we live at our highest level of contribution AND Erotic Potential at the same time?
...How do we maintain childlike wonder and play without succumbing to an infantile desire to shirk mundane responsibilities?
...How do we take radical responsibility for our own Freedom and Turn On in a way that fires us up rather than drains us dry?
...How do we remain fluid and liquid and wild while still staying grounded on our soul's path?
...How do we remain connected to Source + Soul while also staying joyfully rooted down here in our humaning experience?
...How do we live each day in Orgasmic Waking Bliss while also getting epic shit done?
...And how does our deepest turn ON become our intrinsic turn TO?
Mmmmm..... 🐾🌙
How Free and Untamed are you with how you are embodying and expressing your voice, sacred sexuality, and soul's message?
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