One Marketing Legend's Secret for Re-encoding Consciousness

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...When you get the right combination of ideas and experience, growth becomes exponential instead of linear.
— Brian Kurtz {summary from the late Gene Schwartz}

I’ve been deep in an incubation space…

One where world-shifting ideas are being interwoven with profound experience.

My own experience and that of the ancestors before me.

It’s been… a trip, to the say the least.

This past moon cycle has allowed me to uncover some deep wounding and medical trauma that have been sitting in my body, wreaking havoc on my nervous system.

Which in turn, has had my focus and creativity squirreling out like nobody’s business.

And whenever that happens, I know it’s time for me to reassess my current level of integration within my body and, from there, do what needs to be done in order for me to expand my energetic capacity.

Which is how I become the embodied commitment to the task at hand.

Ask yourself this:

Where in your life and soul’s work are you experiencing dissonance right now?

Like, that middle-of-the-night-sweat-inducing type of dissonance.

Or that first-thing-on-your-mind-every-morning type of dissonance.

Now, begin to explore the areas within your body where this is showing up.

Track it with your breath, as you begin to excavate the hidden spaces within yourself where this discord and fragmentation have been hanging out, distracting you and limiting your capacity to step into the next level of creativity, healing, and impact that you are being called towards.

And from there?

You re-encode your consciousness in order to fully embody the lessons of this wisdom in every area of your life and work.

Which is where The May Issue of Body of Work comes into play.

We’re diving into how to use some very ancient, body-based “mapping” to create sustainable new growth in your nervous system… Which will allow you to create tangible and exponential growth in your mission, relationships, and art.

While still having an abundance of time and energy left over for the people and projects that set your soul on fire.

To see just how deep this particular rabbit hole goes, head here.

The May Issue closes on April 30th, so be sure you are subscribed before then.

Because the deadline cometh, and waits for no womxn.

So if this feels resonant in your body, jump on in. The water’s fiiiiiiine.

Here’s to your Untaming,


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