Now is Not the Time to Play Small


Where are you hiding?

Where are you allowing your fears to dictate the course of your life? If you have a voice, if you have a dream, if you have something to tell the world… Isn't it about freakin time that you let that shit out?

Now is not the time to play small.

Now is the time to take big, massive, scary, balls-to-the-wall action on the things that you KNOW you are meant to create in this world.

It is no longer acceptable to allow your self-doubt and your fear to lead your life.

It is no longer acceptable to place small.
I don't mean playing small in a way that says you have to create a 7 or 8 figure business online to be successful (unless that's what you want!).  I don't mean traveling the world and seeing clients in Paris, Bali, Peru, New Zealand,… Oh wait. I do mean that.  ;) Okay, okay. That's what I want! LOL.  (And I'm going to get it.  Why?  Because I'm done hiding.  I'm. Freakin. DONE.)
So. Seriously.

What do you want?

Playing small does not serve you. Hiding yourself away in your office/home/buried in work that doesn't actually mean anything to you…  It is not serving anyone. It is not serving you!
Now is the time for The People to stand up.
Now is the time for The Creatives, The Revolutionaries, and The Visionaries to be seen.
To be heard.
To make a difference.
If this is you, and I believe it is, then NOW is your time.
Stop hiding.
Stop playing small.
For the love of all that is artistic and beautiful and sacred...


It ends today.
We rise up.
We make an impact.
We make a difference.
It all starts now.
Are you with me?