Are We Mis-Labeling What We Feel?

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What if what we think we are feeling is actually a different sensation all together? And we have simply “mis-labeled” it?

When do we begin to name something as painful or wrong or bad?

When do we decide what we are willing to feel vs when we will run from what we are feeling?

And how do we begin to choose to feel more, to move deeper, to BE with it all?


This is what came through for me during my practice this morning.

I was in Half Pigeon and it was my side where I’ve been having pretty horrible SI issues the past year.

And I wanted to run.

I labeled the sensation as painful and bad and I didn’t want to feel it.

But I told myself three more breaths and see where you can go deeper.


See if there is something here for you.


And there was.


I am all about questions.

They deepen us, expand us, open us up to be a clearer vessel for the Divine.

Because when all we have are answers, we are already filled up.

Which means, there is no space to be FILLED.

And if we are to create from the place of reverence and sacred Musing, we must be willing to be emptied out and then remade in each moment, each breath, by something greater than the limitations of our physical experience and beliefs.

So when the questions came, I breathed more.

I stayed longer.

And those three breaths turned into an infinite space to understand sensation on a whole new level.

I always help guide my students and clients into a deeper willingness to FEEL.

And these questions asked me to redefine what was happening for me in the moment.

They showed me how we can CHOOSE to re-label our experiences.

That we can always grow from what is happening, even when it may not be pleasant or “easy”.

There is always a moment when we get to decide…


Or breathe our way through it?

It’s not always an easy choice.

Not even natural in some circumstances.

But healing and growth can become intrinsic magic when we allow ourselves to actually BE with each moment, rather than freaking out and running {or whatever other panic response comes through}.

Does this vary depending on the situation? Of course.

But we are still gifted with something majestic to help us navigate this humaning experiment...


Choice of who WE will be in any given moment.


And today I chose to surrender, breathe, and listen.

What will you choose today?


As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,





Nikka Karli