Your Message is Your Mission


I'm feeling the need to do more. More good. Have more impact. Stand up for more disenfranchised people. Save more animals from horrific poaching. Bring more trafficked souls home.


I'm reading about trafficked kids around our country and how families need to hire PR firms to ensure their kids get media coverage.


I'm hurt. I'm angry. I'm frustrated.

...And I don't know where to begin today.

I know a lot of us feel that way.

We feel this innate driving force to help facilitate social change....

But what's our first step?

Where do we begin to help in a deeper way?

I don't have all the answers.

I don't know if I have ANY answers, save this:

It's with our message.

***Our message is our mission.***

It is our platform to affect global consciousness. To clean up our oceans. To make healing and cures accessible to all of our planet's many peoples. To be the change.

But we doubt ourselves. We doubt our gifts. We doubt our readiness.

It's time to move through that doubt and do what we came here to do.

To BE who we came here to BE.

Because our world needs us.

Take a stand with me at noon PT/3pm ET today for this week's episode of Fierce, Wild, & Free Radio.

I don't know what will come through, but I do know that we must begin.

I hope to be in the medicine with you over the airwaves.

Loving you.

Nikka #stalkingthemoon #bethechange

Here's the link to join in.

If you miss it live, the replay will be available immediately afterwards.