Meet Me At The Crossroads


There was a time when you felt 100% whole…

Can you remember it?

Maybe it was this morning. Maybe it was a decade ago. And maybe, just maybe, you don’t consciously remember feeling whole in your entire life.

None of these answers are better or worse than the others, they simply provide us with a lens with which to look at how we’re showing up in our lives.

Specifically, how we’re showing up as the leaders of our own lives… Or not.

See, there’s a deep reservoir within you where you can fully connect with your own wholeness, safety, and belonging.

And this space is accessible at any time of day, during any activity you choose to engage in… But there’s a catch {isn’t there always?}.

And that catch is this:

In order to access that reservoir, you first need to understand how all the seemingly random and disconnected pieces of your past are actually the key to unlocking your remembrance of who.the.fuck .you.are… 

Now, if you’re saying “I always feel whole. I never forget who I am. There is no part of myself that ever feels disconnected or uncertain or like I don’t belong…”.

Well, I get that.

And yes, there is truth there.

But also? If you allowed yourself to really drop into that reaction, you just might recognize that you’re doing a wee bit of proving.

Why this matters:

The need to prove that you are always secure and never feel fragmented or unsure is, very often, a cover up {as are all ultimatums… ha! see what I did there? ;) }.


Your primal brain has determined that a threat stands in front of you {in this case, confronting the idea that you might not feel whole and safe and secure at all times}.

And that this threat must be eliminated {ie: by denying it and proving just how “whole” you are at all times}.

From which, your primal brain can then calm down and say “ok, phew, we handled that threat to our sense of identity… we can move on.”.

But the problem with this is that you will go through your entire life trying to prove that you are strong, powerful, whole, and secure… instead of actually being those things.

Read that again.

There is an intersection between belonging and safety…  And from this elixir of identity, we remember how to embody wholeness.

In other words:

We learn how to be about it {instead of just talking about it}.

If you want to learn how to actually show up as an embodied leader with an unshakeable sense of self behind the scenes {not just when someone else is looking}, that’s exactly what The September Sessions in Body of Work are all about.

BTDubs, I’ve decided that this intake for Body of Work will only be open to 20 womxn.

So if this identity + belonging work feels like a hell yes for your creative soul {even as your ego is rearing up and trying to talk you out of it}, I invite you to join us here:

I’ll also be showing you how I used some very specific tantric tools to get more done with a huge project during the first two weeks of August, than I had in the previous eight months.

A project that is already seeing results of epic proportions.

All by doubling down on my identity.