Maybe We Should Start At The Beginning…


We used to know things.

Humans, I mean.

We used to understand nature when it spoke to us, we used to commune with the soul of the Universe itself.

We used to remember the wisdom of the Elders and we lived in devotion to the mystery.

But we lost ourselves along the way and we began seeking our salvation in things that fed our addictions and our pain.

And what exactly did we believe we needed saving from anyways?


More to the point:

Our internalized declaration that we are less than.

Stay with me here.

At some point, we decided that we had to attone, that we had to “get back” to some ineffable quality that was outside of ourselves and, therefore, absolutely unattainable.

Which put us into a stress cycle of always chasing something that we could never be and, from there, we became a fragmented being.

A being who, without conscious thought, is always behaving in a way that is rooted in disconnection and dissatisfaction.

But even in this, when our life has begun to revolve around the deep-seated encoding of what we have forgotten…

Our body remembers.

She knows the way through and she knows the way home.

But we’ve got to be able to listen to her.

To understand the signals that she’s giving us {and likely has been giving us for years}.

The first step?

Creating new growth in your nervous system, in a way that not only reignites your Deep Feminine Wisdom, but also helps you embody it in your everyday life and creative expression.

And this is what I’m teaching in Body of Work: The April Issue, a culmination of 2 + decades of my work in the trenches of sports psychology, peak performance body conditioning, sensual movement healing, facilitating transformational healing spaces, archetypal storytelling, and more.

If you are a high achieving Creator who is ready to create your own greatest body of work by coming home to your body’s Genius, you can join here:

The April Issue closes on Sunday.

So let’s make magic, Darlin’.

Loving you,


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