A Love Offering- Pay What You Can


I couldn't focus.It was time to create my first paid course. And I couldn't focus.

I was distracted by pretty much everything and everyone.

I was feeling knots in my stomach.

What if it sucked?

What if it didn't help anyone?

What if I just didn't have anything to say?

And so every time I sat down to create, nothing would come out.

And it was like pulling teeth just to get myself to sit down!

Maybe I should clean something (I DESPISE cleaning, FYI)...

Maybe I should phone a friend (I don't like talking on the phone, FYI)...

Maybe I should work on my website (OK, I actually do love working on my website, but in this case it was just another distraction)...

Any and everything except doing what I needed (and so desperately DESIRED) to do, which was create something I loved that would help transform people's lives.

But I didn't have a course platform.

But I hadn't done it before.

But I didn't know howwww.

All crap of course.

No one who has created their first course or written their first book or gotten on stage for the first time, etc had ever DONE IT BEFORE.

That's kind of why it's called the first time.

And so finally, one day, I got clear. I surrendered. I tapped into my Big Why. I awakened my pleasure. I recognized the Resistance for what it was. I let it all be less than perfect.

And I created.

And hence was born my first paid course, Get Shift Done. Ahhhhhhhh...

I've been told it's amazing, has helped people finally focus, gotten them so crystal clear on who they are and why they're here (and why they're not taking action), and of course, helped them take delicious and intuitive action on the things that matter most to them.

I was inspired today by Kylie Slavik, Cerries Mooney, and Danielle LaPorte to offer my course as a "pay what you can" special.

I've never done this before (another first!) and am a bit nervous but super excited.

Because I believe in this course and I believe in you.

So for the next 72 hours, you can purchase my Get Shift Done course for as little as $10. Yup. $10.

This is for the dreamers and game changers and soul mamas (and maybe some beautiful papas) and visionaries who know they are ready for more...

And just need some clear guidance and a soulful path to tap into their intuition so they can take inspired and aligned action on their wildest dreams.

{You can learn more about the course at nikkakarli.com/gsd but don't purchase there or you'll just see the regular investment ($195).}

Are you with me?

You can receive my holy crap amaze balls course Get Shift Done at a Pay What You Can Love Special here.

Loving you madly and deeply. xoxoxo N

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