Lifestyles of the sexy & the sacred


So… Do you think you guessed the correct methods from yesterday’s post?

A little context before the reveal...

You can spend a lifetime waiting to experience mind-blowing pleasure.

In fact, most women do.

Some of it’s generational, some of it’s familial, some of it’s cultural…

But all of it is cesspool of dissatisfaction that causes us to lose the wisdom that is riding our bones.






All of these are societally acceptable ways to view your body and pleasure.

One more thing?

Absolutely none of these are serving you.

Perhaps they once did...

These emotions often begin as ways for us to protect ourselves and ensure we receive the love, safety, and belonging we desire or need at the time.

But at some point, these emotions shift from temporary service to open wounds that just won’t seem to heal, no matter what we do.

And we then disconnect from our bodies in an attempt to disconnect from these no-longer wanted emotions.

But an unfortunate thing happens…

We keep cycling back through these unserving emotions and they begin to crowd out the emotions, feelings, and sensations we actually do desire in our life.

Because when we lose touch with the Wilds between our thighs, we lose touch with our ability to fully hold pleasure in our bodies.

So, yes, there are a few methods I want to share with you today…

Methods that will not only reconnect you to the Wilds, but also help you to be a conscious portal for God to move in and through your life.

These methods are not for the “passerby” who has no interest in cultivating an ongoing, sacred relationship with her yoni and the Divine.

A relationship that is, at its center, based in trust, intimacy, and instinctual awareness.

But if you are one of the few who are committed to this path, here’s a {ridiculously small} taste of these methods.

  1. Sex Magic- An alchemical exploration of how to use sexual energy to open yourself to your desires in any area of your life

  2. Sensual Movement- A movement practice that guides you to drop into your body and move her in a way that elicits a sacred connection with your deepest self

  3. The Tantric Path- An expansive, ancient spiritual/mystic system from the Indian subcontinent that holds many benefits, including {but soooo not limited to} liberation, consciousness, and awakening… in your body, in your sex, and in the world

  4. Orgasmic Breath- A deep, open-mouthed breath sound that grounds you into your primordial body and elicits a full-bodied pleasure experience

    And my personal fave that combines all of these and more…

  5. Primal Self Re-Integration™- My body-based system for deep consciousness re-encoding, born from over two decades of teaching, coaching, and studying sports medicine, sports psychology, rehabilitation, yoga {Krishnamacharya lineage}, archetypal storytelling, creative mastery, sexual energy, and more. It is an alchemy of all the above, an intrinsic set of bespoke ceremonies {such as my Wild Nectar Pvssy Practices™}, rituals, movement, and writing that drop you into the Wilds and help you remember and reclaim who the fuck you are.

Would you like me to help you with any of these?

Contact me here and let me know.

One more piece to share with you tmrw...

Oh, and if you want to see me do this work live, click here.

Loving you,

Nikka “Lifestyles of the Sexy & the Sacred” Karli

Nikka Karli