Life Will Not be Bartered Upon


Well.  It has definitely been quite the hard week in my world. I say this not to be "oh woe is me" but, rather, to say that we continuously have a choice.

A choice to press pause on our dreams when tragedy and tough times come.

Or a choice to step into the fire and emerge even stronger and more committed to our dreams.

I am being upleveled.  I CHOOSE to step into this.

I choose to go all in.

I choose to hustle.

I choose to not only put in more effort but to BELIEVE in my success even more.

I choose where to focus my energy and my time.

Through this crazy ass week, I see the Divine Message.

Life will not be bartered upon.

Your dreams will not wait for the perfect point in your life, when you miraculously have more TIME and more MONEY.

You must choose.

To avoid the fire.

To run and hide amongst your fears.

Or, OR, to jump into the flames.

To burn.

To burn through your limited beliefs of how much LOVE, SUCCESS, and JOY you are allowed to have.

To burn through your sense of entitlement.

To burn through your continued acceptance of showing up in this world as less than you are.

To burn through the idea that if you want something badly enough, it will just happen with no effort on your part.

And this effort?

It is commitment.

It is not forcing yourself to fit into someone else's version of who you should be.

It IS committing to your growth.

Your mental game.

Your beliefs.

Your energy.

Your spiritual connection.

This moment.

This is when you decide.

To fold.

Or to ante up.

Go all in.

Or go home.

The choice is yours.


As always...

Here's to your Untaming™,

Nikka Karli


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