Let's talk about sex, baby


The average person 1) has an orgasm that lasts a mere 10 seconds and 2) has sex 1-2 times/week… which means they have a total of 18 minutes of orgasm a YEAR.

Read that again.

18 minutes a year.

How did that make you feel? What did it bring up for you?

For some, there might be a disconnect because you aren’t experiencing orgasm at all {with yourself or with a partner} and so the idea of any orgasm would be incredible.

For others, the idea of having only 18 minutes of orgasmic pleasure a year is an atrocity, like “that’s IT?”.

And of course there are many more responses than these two, but you get the idea.

Ok, you know I bring almost everything back to three things…

Sexual energy, creative mastery, and the medicine of our souls {super important, hang tight... we’ll be back to these in a moment}.

Now I want you to really drop into the idea that most people also equate orgasm with the totality of pleasure, that orgasm is the entire “point”, if you will.

We’ll go more into the ecstasy beyond orgasm tmrw {you won’t want to miss it}.

But for now, let’s talk about expanding our capacity of orgasm, taking the 10 seconds and opening it into a full-day experience.

Sound crazy?

It’s not.

Once we allow ourselves to fully own our desires, ask for them unapologetically, and then receive them with sovereignty…

We can begin to expand the amount of orgasmic pleasure we can hold in our bodies.

From there we can begin to use that energy for what we desire most in our lives.

So, we can take the sexual energy that we gain from orgasm and infuse it into the way we create, receive love, do the work of our souls, and more.

We can infuse that sexual energy into every aspect of who we are… and who we are being asked to become.

We can recognize, also, the parts of our psyche that we must let die in order for us to move into the next level of our art, intimacy, impact, and freedom.

Sexual energy allows us to step into mastery of ourselves and, from there, mastery of how we are called to serve.

Ok, enough for today.

We’ll be back at it mañana with part 2 in this series.

In the meantime, write out the following:

To me, orgasm means…

The idea of having even better orgasms {or my first orgasm} feels like…

If I was fully turned on and highly orgasmic, I have some deep-seated fears that…

And just see what comes through for you with these inquiries.

No judgment, just presence.

Do a movement practice and breathwork as you move through this to help you ground and integrate it in {and through} your body.

Then let me know what came through for you.

Loving you,


Nikka Karli