Lessons on "finding love" as a high achiever (from the Tiger Lady herself)


The other night I was reminded of a scene in Baby Boom {yes, I’m bringing back the 80’s… again}...

If you don’t know the movie {or just need a reminder}, here’s a snippet:

The movie starts with Diane Keaton being known as the “Tiger Lady”, for her wicked skills as a corporate consultant.

She kicks ass and takes names.

I mean, yes, her love life is completely subpar.

But she’s up for partner.

Her boss tells hers she has to be prepared to give up everything for this new position.

He reminds her that a man can have it all, have success AND a personal life…. But a woman?

Perish the thought.

The Tiger Lady says she’s all in because she doesn’t even WANT it all.


Then her cousin dies and leaves her a baby.

And The Tiger Lady finds out, oh shit, she actually DOES want it all.

But she has no idea how to go about it at this point.

She has no CAPACITY to hold love and intimacy and {dare I say it} a FAMILY inside the life she’s cultivated up to this point.

Needless to say, shit hits the fan.

...She’s betrayed by weasley upstart boys in suits.

...Her “trusted” boss leaves her high and dry.

...And she moves to the country and starts an apple sauce biz for babies.

I won’t tell you the whole story {it’s actually a pretty cute and rando movie that you might want to watch the next time you take a break from changing the world}...

But suffice to say, The Tiger Lady has to re-encode what she knows to be true, in order to have space for more than just WORK in her body.

She has to create new growth within her nervous system for what she can “handle” without freaking out on everyone she meets {especially the new doctor… with the uh, ahem, horse situation…}.

And she has to redefine what success and “having it all” mean… for HER.

I know I’ve had to do a lot of this lately, myself.

And you?

What’s your current capacity as a high achieving Creator who not only wants it “all”...

But wants it in a way that leaves you filled up, even more aligned with God, and having the most cosmic sex and intimacy evahhhh?

For the meantime, feel into that.

But you’ll be able to check out the inaugural issue of Body of Work by sometime next week.

And when it opens, I suggest you hop on it lickety split.

Your body and creative expression {and, of course, your love life} will thank you Sandlot style.

AKA: forrrrr-evvvvvv-errrrr.

Loving you,

Nikka Karli