Lessons from the jungle on creative reclamation

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To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
— Steve Prefontaine

One thing I have always had an unrelenting need to do in my life is break free.

I used to believe that it was societal, cultural, religious, etc shackles that I had to strip away.

But the more I commit {and recommit} to my own Creative Genius and path, the more I am able to see that the most urgent shackles I have to shed are those I am now placing on myself.

On Sunday night, I came back from five weeks of helping one of the world’s leading experts teach and facilitate the most epic tantra retreats, in the heart of the Mexican jungle.

One day, while hiking back after leading a cacao ceremony on the beach, I “heard” two words that dropped me to my knees in the dirt.

I’ll share the exact words with you at some point...

But suffice to say, it was my next soul upgrade of what I’m called to teach/lead in this world.

As soon as I heard the words in my body, my immediate response was “no fucking way”...

At which point, God was like ok, you reaaaaallllyyyy need to get this.

So He stopped me in my path {as in, literally} and proceeded to pour a bunch of visions and clearing through my body.

Luckily, one of my soul sisters from another mister was with me, and she held energetic space for me the entire time {along with some other fantabulous goddesses}.

Point being, I had a choice to make:

To ignore the Truth coursing through me... or to #GoddessTheFuckUp and say YES.

I chose the latter.

It’s not the “easy” path, but those of us who came here to help raise the vibration of our planet did not opt in for easy.

Ease, yes… but not easy.

It’s taken me years to really define my own relationship with ease, while still being the embodied commitment to who I came here to be.

Because we have years of patriarchy and familial norms and cultural mores that tell us life and art have to be a struggle… that if we’re not, in fact, struggling then we are disrespecting those who walked before us.

But I’m calling bullshit.

Because if we remain in the addiction to the struggle, we are making ourselves less than.

And I for one am no longer available for that life.

Which is why I’m kinda, sorta tearing down everything about my business and rebuilding.

From the ground up.

If you’ve seen my new monthly subscription for Body of Work, well… look again.

Because it’s a whole new ball game.

And if you’re an Emergent Change Agent or High Achieving Creator, then this just might be the “missing” piece your soul has been howling for in the dead of night.

Body of Work is not more information, rather… it is The {Re}Wilding Grounds where we will finally INTEGRATE and EXECUTE on all the teachings, tools, and lessons your soul has accumulated in this lifetime.

You will understand, on a body level, how to live at the frequency of your Creative Genius…

So that you can ground your energy, master your emotional resonance, and produce your greatest Body of Work ever... while still having an abundance of time and energy left over for the people and projects that matter most to you.

Each month, we will have four live calls together:

The Identity Sessions

The Primal Sexuality Sessions

The Energy of Business Sessions

The GTFU {#GoddessTheFuckUp} Sessions

These calls are part creative/soul excavation + part ancient ritual + part soul/brand strategy.

We will be using my Wild Nectar Practices™ {primal movement, tantric breathwork, sound healing, and wild writing} to help you expand your nervous system’s capacity for how much pleasure, success, and healing your body can hold.

And there will be time at the end of each call for Distillation & Alchemy {DNA, if you will}, which is where you will have the chance for 1:1 coaching and strategy on your most pressing creative, body, and brand identity desires.

Which means you will be drastically upgrading your consciousness every single week.

Why weekly? Because Resistance shows up on the regular and so must we.

So if you’ve been with me in ceremony or done coaching with me before {or just really wanted to}, this is going to blow your soul wide open.

Because it is like nothing you’ve ever seen or felt.

The July Sessions will be all about {Re}Wilding Creativity, where we’ll be excavating all the encoding, beliefs, and wounding that have been suffocating your art, success, intimacy, power, and Truth Speaking.

Access to The July Sessions closes June 30th.

So head here to join us lickety split.

Oh, and if you enroll now, I’m offering a free 1:1 Creative DNA Session with me, to help get you onboarded smoothly and to establish the next “bridge” to where you want to be.

If you’re ready to move the needle in your creative work and the areas of your life that matter most, I’d love to have you with us.

Contact me with any questions.

Here’s to Your Untaming,



If you want to read more about why this and why now before enrolling, you can do so here.


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