Lessons From the Costa Rican Jungle


Embody Your Message. Lead Your Movement. Untame the Wild Magic of Your Soul.

How a Trip to the Costa Rican Jungle Helped Me Clarify My Message & Completely Overhaul My Business Model, After Years of Trying {and Failing} to Make Myself Fit the Mold of a “Successful” Spiritual Entrepreneur

And how wanderlusting Creative Visionaries can finally share their paradigm-shifting message with unshakable confidence and consistency… without all the soul betrayal and shrinking yourself down that comes with squeezing into a business mold that can’t even come close to holding your instinctual goddess energy and genius.


A Calling of Soul

I was tossing and turning, trying to cling to some semblance of sleep. Awakened yet again with a gnawing feeling of uncertainty swirling around my belly and womb.

I kept going back and forth. Do I book the trip or not? How can I make this happen financially? And how can I trust that THIS time things will be different? That my investment in myself will actually have some sort of positive ROI in my life?

I’ve made sooooo many investments that didn’t pan out.

And money has always been that proverbial monkey on my {Indigo Child, boho, spiritual, earth mama, creative, empathic} back, never relenting, always teaching me yet another lesson about worth and surrender {even when I just wanted some peace and quiet from all the damn lessons}.

I’ve always known I was called to a high level of work, guiding other Light Leaders home to the Truth and Beauty of their souls… a path that both excites and scares the crap out of me.

I KNEW I had serious work to do on this planet, that I had a responsibility to God and the sacred gifts that I have been allowed to steward.

But I kept being wishy-washy with my message.

For YEARS, not knowing or trusting that I can speak to my tribe in a way that would MOVE them and would shake up the planet with infinite consciousness and love.

And that let me avoid making any hard decisions, because if I “don’t know how to share my Message” I can’t be expected to actually share it and do the work I’m here to do in the world, right?

So, I stuck my head under the pillow {literally} until I couldn’t stand myself any longer and I just decided.

That’s it.

I was about to leave the country for the first time in almost 2 decades {which is a whole other story that I’ll share soon}.

I called my friend {who’s battling her own demons in order to come to the jungle too}, booked the freakin ticket, and changed my entire life forever.

I Had to Listen to My Own Truth {Not the “Gurus”}

As soon as we landed in Costa Rica, it was different. I was different.

There was a palpable density to the air {no, not just the humidity}. I could FEEL the fragmented pieces of myself clicking into place inside of my body.

Each breath was like Essence herself returning to me, through me.

The Land was speaking to me, whispering lost stories and ancient rhythms and alchemical understandings of the ways of woman and Creation.

It took us hours to get to our hotel {hotel being a very loose term here, more like primal surrender in the form of lodging in the middle of a jungle}.

It was too late and I wasn’t able get to the beach. But as soon as I could, I oriented to the water.

She is my Muse, my guide.

She beckoned me to her depths and my feet sunk into ooey gooey sand and I was wrought anew.

I lost sound of the Ticos on the beach offering their beautiful bracelets and mugs.

I lost time with the physical reality.

I lost sense to anything but my ocean Muse.

And I remembered.

I remembered who I am, who I have always been.

I remembered that my mess is my message and that I didn’t have to keep trying and forcing myself into a mold that did not {and had never} fit me.

I have always known how I was called to serve, but I had been told by numerous coaches and mentors that I couldn’t do it the way I desired, that I had to follow certain steps first and then circle back to my vision later.


I tried to be a good client, I tried to listen.

But my soul was screaming at me, rattling the bars of her cage. Begging me to set her free.

And the ocean told me that I could just let go of it all.

She didn’t promise it will be easy but, rather, that it would be the ease of following your path vs forcing yourself to follow someone else’s.

And so, with the deepest reverence, I said the only thing that I could:


How Could I Have Missed This for So Long?

And with my yes came the realization that although I had been teaching and coaching body work {ancient yogic philosophy, personal training, athletic training, strength and conditioning} for over 2 decades and intuitive + clarity coaching {defining message, becoming completely and wildly untamed in all you are, returning to nature and moon and Source and soul} for the past few years that I hadn’t been teaching them together.

I had been thinking they were separate things, the body and the vision, the connection and the art.

I live and breath in the alchemical space between the spiritual and physical realities but I hadn’t been showing this to my clients nor had I been using this path to fill my programs or events.

OMG! This had been the missing piece all along!

So I quickly crafted an offer than integrated and interweaved all of the ancient teachings, body wisdom, and high performance action-taking and I made a sale!

Right there, in the jungle, with crappy wifi that kept going out because of the storms.

Nikka Karli

Bridging Heaven & Earth {& Everything in Between}

I didn’t think my people even WANTED the body medicine with the soul medicine. Or that they would be even remotely interested in how it would help them find not only clarity but world-shaking confidence in the message they are here to share.

The ocean and the jungle blew my mind and heart and soul wide open.

I could see the intricacies and connections that were so hidden to me before.

I could see how to GROUND my message and help my clients ground THIERS.

And I know that you have a message burning inside of you…

I know that you’ve tried taking a bajillion courses and programs before and they left you feeling like something was wrong with you…

They left you WANTING.

I know how many times you’ve started and stopped.

Tried and failed.

Just like I have.

And it’s because there hasn’t been anyone to show you how to do it YOUR way.

You think you have to keep doing what everyone else is telling you to do and so you self-sabotage because deep down you KNOW that’s not how you want to live, love, or create.

Here’s what I know about you:

That’s NEVER going to work for you.

Nikka KarliThe minute I said yes to my Soul, I literally got divine validation with a sale and I’ve been building my tribe ever since.

So here’s what I am called to do for you…

I’m gathering a community, a tribe, for us to finally have a sacred space to prosper and self-actualize with exquisite surrender and pleasure.


Us high-achieving, visionary, soul-led women have a tendency to isolate.

We lone wolf it and think we can do it all on our own… That we are SUPPOSED to do it on our own.

But we crave the freedom, we hunger for the connection, intimacy, and impact.

We have a longing that sets in our bones and won’t let us go unless we commit to walking our path, each and every day.

But the problem in the online world is that there’s simply not a whole lot of that.

And the stuff that IS out there, isn’t curated for that gorgeous, wild, exploring heart of yours.

It’s catered to the cookie cutter crowd.

It tells us that if we don’t do it THIS way or THAT way that we can’t succeed… that we can’t have the body, travel, impact, opportunities, wealth, and healing that we long for in the depths of our being.

And it tells us it’s our fault for not being willing to just put on our blinders and follow along with the masses.

To do the same things that their coach told them and the coach before that told them, so that it’s all just a factory line of COULD-be world changers…

A smattering of wide-eyed, disconnected, hollow-shelled women who are misremembering their own Truth and Divinity.

Look, I can tell you from experience that you’re not going to do this alone.

You’ve probably already tried, time and time again… and how’s that working for you?

{Been there. Done that. Could write a guitar-crying Chris Stapleton song about it.}

You’re also not going to do it in a community that’s trying to make you share your message and lead your movement like everyone else.

It’s not going to happen for you now; it’s not going to happen for you five years from now.

And what I know is that your soul is on fire to get this done NOW… To make the majestic leap into becoming the Embodied, Turned On, Wild Woman you came here to be.

The woman who walks her path and shares her gifts with conviction, grit, and grace.

You are standing on the precipice- the spaces in between- and are ready to bridge your spiritual and physical realities, ground your vision with clarity, freedom, and love, and lead a global movement that completely turns on your soul…

Without sacrificing your love life, world exploration, or creative expression.

Nikka Karli Nosara

So, for $199/month, I’m going to give you the path.

This is magic… Spirit Medicine.

It’s not something that happens overnight.

It’s not something that happens in a 6-week course where you get no access to your mentor and they never talk to you again.

Because that may work for some stuff, but it just doesn’t cut it for this alchemical level of soul work.

And it sure as hell won’t cut it for Trail-Blazing, Spiritual Warrior Goddesses like us.

And that’s why I have created this intrinsic space, this community, this sacred tribal gathering.

For you.

It’s ongoing because I am continuously invested in your dreams and soul’s mission on this planet. And I want you to be able to be too.

We don’t start and stop.

We cultivate an intimate relationship like the days of old and, as a tribe, bring your vision to the world.

In a bigger, bolder, more untamed way than you have ever let yourself believe was possible.

Quiz Video 1 Thumbnail

If you’re interested in joining us in Goddess Untamed {this tribal gathering space}, here’s what you will receive:

Monthly Moon Medicine Trainings

…Plus meditations, writing prompts, and {Re}Sources to help you hone your message and implement on your dreams NOW

Weekly Group Calls

…Where we invoke the Creative Muse/Genius/Divine, surrender into sensual body movement, work with energetic soul transmissions as they come through me, excavate past stories and soul wounds through laser-focused yet spine-tingling writing time, and end with 1:1 goddess embodiment coaching

Unlimited PRIVATE audio messaging with me

…Every weekday for quick, personalized, focused attention on what is happening now for you and how you can take massive embodied action towards your vision, pleasure, and leadership NOW {via Voxer}

…We dive into your 30-day LEAP {Leadership & Embodiment Action Plan} to get you moving towards your vision faster than two shakes of a cute little lamb’s tail

One monthly Get Shift Done Implementation Workshop

…To help you take conscious, consistent action plus receive feedback from me and our tribe of other spiritual visionary goddesses around things like copy, messaging, video presence, soul care, energetic rituals, sex and love, creative expression, embodied thought leadership, and more. This is where you learn how to “land the freakin plane” and follow through on the things that matter most so you can see the results and start stepping into the visibility, freedom, fulfillment, impact, and love you desire.

Tribal Gathering Space

…Via private group app for sharing, honing in on your message, being witnessed, and being held accountable to what you say you want

One of the only places online where you can finally be ALL of you

…Not just the parts that other people say you should bring to the table because it’s the only way to be successful. We will first and foremost focus on cultivating a container for your most exquisite self expression so that you can travel and explore and create but also have the intimacy, connection, and lifestyle that your soul desires.


Guest Mentors

…To speak on yummy topics that ignite and elevate our community + special members-only pricing on additional 1:1 services and programs + other surprises along our journey together because I loooove giving surprises

A curated tribe of thought leaders, wisdom keepers, and paradigm shifters that is only available to a very specific type of warrior goddess.

…Why? Because this is a sacred space where you will begin to bare your soul and, as such, I only want women who are 100% committed to their own growth AND to making a significant contribution to the good of the global collective. I believe we need to have a space to feel completely safe and seen in our rawest, most vulnerable form in order for us to be willing to show up and LEAD. Goddess Untamed provides us the container for just that- to be truly and unapologetically free.

Option to add on 1:1 call support as you need

…You can choose to purchase private calls with me at a super yummy members’ only investment whenever you need extra guidance, clarity, or shifting. This is your chance to have me by your side to excavate all the deets and feels in a curated Soul Medicine Mapping Session, where we go from big vision all the way down to daily details on how you must show up, create, ritualize, and lead to truly master your mission over the next 12 months.

If this sounds like a soulgasmically good time, here’s what happens next:

-Click below and you’ll get an immediate email with your log in details to our Members Area AND log in details for our community app.

-In our Members Area, click the Start Here tab to see how to access the community, join our weekly calls, Vox me for questions, and dive into your monthly content.


Please note: All bookings and sales are final. Goddesss Untamed is a curated monthly membership full of actionable, cut-through-the-noise spiritual mentorship, sisterhood, and embodiment. You may cancel at any time. There are no refunds for previous months and should you cancel, you are not permitted to rejoin (except in emergency health or family situations). This is not medical or psychological advice. By purchasing, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service here. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in advance of purchase by emailing nikka{at}nikkakarli{dot}com.

For only $199/month {that’s only $6.63 a day, meaning one cup of venti soy yumminess}, you’re getting all of this incredible content, community, and daily access to me…

And what you’re REALLY getting is the key to unlocking your path by learning how to become a wholly turned on and Untamed woman who shares her message, art, and love with unshakable confidence, soul seduction, and grit.

Oh. And we’re doing it in a way that helps you avoid the epidemic of online entrepreneurs and creatives who achieve “success” but simultaneously tear apart their home life, health, and sanity.

I’m led to create this space in a way that serves each delicious piece of you, a space that won’t ask to leave behind any of your greatness {or uproot your life to be with us}.

In fact, in this community, I ask you to show up fully in not only our tribe but also in your body, your soul care, your relationships, and your world exploration.

This is about leading your movement while taking decadent care of yourself at the same time.

I even invite you to go out there and find another community like this for paradigm-shifting, wanderlusting, pleasure-seeking Spiritual Thought Leaders and Social Change-Making Creative Visionaries that holds your ass to the fire AND provides you the embodied movement, soul expression, and {Re}Wilding methodologies that we are opening into here.

If you know it’s just.freakin.TIME, click below to join us.


My Clients and I Blaze Trails… Are You Ready to Join Us?

Here’s what’s happening for women who are following this method:

A lot of these women saw these results in only one session with me, so imagination what could happen working together every month.


I am not here to convince you of anything.

I have created this community for women who are 100% ready to embrace their soul’s calling and walk their path now and NOT anyone who isn’t.

Here’s the thing:

Sometimes you hear this wild yes in your soul, it them your mind kicks in with all the “I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t know if I’ll fail” shenanigans.

If you’re still reading, this is probably resonating really strongly for you.

But maybe you are feeling the creeping sensation of doubt coming on.

Got a Few Questions, Darlin'?

What if I’m in soooo many other programs that I can’t commit to this?

{I’ve been there, I know how it feels to love having mentors but then not take action on their teachings. However, Goddess Untamed is not something to just sit on the shelf. This is your soul’s embodiment in ACTION. You will be held, seen, and have your gorgeous ass called to the fire whenever you need it so that you CAN finally live and lead in a way that grounds your message and gives you the freedom you have always craved.}

What if I’ve tried all kinds of other courses, mentors, and programs and they didn’t work?

{I can’t promise you that you will get results. Why? Because I can’t promise that you will show up and do the work. The internal AND external work. But I can promise to give you my all, to be the bridge between your physical and spiritual realities so that you have the spiritual + visionary guide you’ve always wanted but couldn’t seem to find. Together, we will excavate and implement. And if you keep showing up, you will transform.}

This all comes down to trust. Learning to trust in your intuition and in your body. Learning to allow Her to guide you in your business and your life. And I will help you open to the most potent levels of self belief ever.

Only you know if you’re really ready to embrace this path.

Quiz Landing Page

If you feel a yes in your body– if you feel a yes in your soul- I just ask you to try this out for 30 days.

If after 30 days, you feel this isn’t for you, you can very easily cancel and not worry about being billed again.

However, unless you have an emergent long-term family or health crisis, you will not be allowed back into Goddess Untamed should you decide to cancel. So make sure that you’re 100% committed to your growth and the Goddess Untamed tribe before you join.

And if all these voices are popping up in your head, I really invite you to take responsibility for your journey and own whether or not it’s your SOUL or your FEAR talking.

Let’s just start this process of getting clear right now.

If you’re ready to dive in right now, click below and let’s play, Lover.


If this is resonating in your bones and your inner Wild Woman is leaning in with anticipation, I want you with us…

But only if you are 100% committed to this path and level of work.

This is NOT for you if you are still interested in coach-hopping OR continuing to throw money at a million programs OR still have a ton of credit card debt five years from now OR have your husband/boyfriend/lover still asking you when you’re going to stop “playing” business.

{If that’s you and that’s what you want, hey, I can recommend soooo many programs to you. But this gathering circle is simply not that.}

But if you’re oh-so-intrigued and just not exactly sure + have some questions, just shoot me a quick email at nikka{at}nikkakarli{dot}com.

Please ONLY email if you if you’re fully ready to embrace your highest soul’s calling and are just a little bit scared and we can talk it through.

Email me at nikka{at}nikkakarli{dot}com to start a soul-to-soul conversation.

This lower level of investment is limited for this first round of erotic, divine women right now, so if you have any resonance with this message at all, I invite you to apply to join us today.


The tribe is gathering. I hope to have you join us Wild One.


As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,


Please note: All bookings and sales are final. Goddesss Untamed is a curated monthly membership full of actionable, cut-through-the-noise spiritual mentorship, sisterhood, and embodiment. You may cancel at any time. There are no refunds for previous months and should you cancel, you are not permitted to rejoin (except in emergency health or family situations). This is not medical or psychological advice. By purchasing, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service here. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in advance of purchase by emailing nikka{at}nikkakarli{dot}com.