Legs, Head, Or Lungs?


Oooohhhh child… The resistance and tech gremlins brought their A-game today, let me tell you.

But I’m deeeeeep in my practice, so I weathered the storm with the most succulent ease.


The level of embodied flow state and integration I’m experiencing with my creative output- as well as the nonstop breakthroughs around my identity and mission on this planet- are not derailing me… they’re emboldening me and stoking my creative fire.

An extra soulgasmic bonus:

The way in which I get a shit ton of things done, while remaining deliciously focused and skipping the dreaded entrepreneurial burnout, has been unparalleled.

And it’s all because of the practice.

I go into all kinds of feels around it in this week’s episode of The Wilding Experience™.

You can listen here:


{Epsiode #2, can you believe it?!}

Your super important next step:

After you listen, head over and join me in Body of Work.

Because if your practice “behind the scenes” isn’t airtight, you will not be able to produce at the level you need to accomplish the work you’re here to do… and your artistic expression and freedom will undoubtedly suffer along the way.

Doors close for The August Sessions in one week.

So shake a tail feather and come excavate this magic with me here:


We’ll begin with a private, 1:1 Creative DNA Session to help you understand exactly what it’s going to take to not only move the needle in the next 30 days, but how to do it with an abundance of time and energy left over for the people, projects, and causes that matter most.

Yup, yup.